Sometimes late at night

I think about those days.

Days when nobody was scared of me,

Days when darkness wasn’t my destiny.

It all started one night

When I was ready to kill

Reason no stronger than money.

I had a family

Waiting to be fed.

But it all came down to nothing

When the battle, eventually, swallowed them.

So I continued the game

‘Cause I had nothing left to lose.


Solitary in this world of crime

All I have to give is pain.

When I’m supposed to hide myself in shame

I flaunt my identity with flames.

I can’t remember the last time I felt happy

As I look at the scars on my face.

I let the colours in my life slowly fade

Gradually, lost my identity.

I hide in my den

Like a coward

When the world has a contradictory name for me.

I have walked on this road

Many times before

But not once, felt safe.

The path was still new

So I needed time too.

I looked up

And a faint smile appeared after a long time.

Then, I chose to be

A stranger in the sky.

Sai Eswari

Just another average, almost-out-of-teenage girl questioning her faith in humanity and chasing her dreams.

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