The flowing fashion: scarves and mufflers

The flowing fashion:  scarves and mufflers

To boost up your look, all you need is a better flowing style statement scarf. This is the season’s   latest  trend inn. The in vogue style wrapped around your neck, completely transforming the look.

It can make a cool  geek style or can look alike a punk. From a free style look to a complete style diva. Not only this , even for a sassy ethnic wear , the scarf or the stole completes the look.

You will see this season scarves in various prints and styles.

So lets follow up some looks with the following prints in trend.

For somebody, who likes to give her Monday college look , geeky way , are most advisory to go for plain shades or the regular checks. The evergreens.

The scarves should be usually teamed up with plain tops or leather jackets or any designed shrug.

So, here for the next look , we have the camo prints inn.

If you are the one with the more bold and outgoing nature, this is your style.

Now, for the ones who are more into the chocolate world, here is the sweet look with the floral prints for you.


This style brings in a fresh appeal and positive outlook.


And as we already know, the trend of cheetah is in this season, so here this one.

The sexy you with all the grace.


The punk style is always floor rocking

This style has to carried with a great walk and that kind if attitude , so if it is your style, trend in with the flowing fashion.


The silk is on n over as well, all you need is the way you will be carrying it because wearing silk is a class always.


Now, to all these various looks ,we this new one, the royal prints..


A scarf is a girl’s BFF during this season—it keeps you warm and can transform your entire ensemble. Scarf is one of indispensable accessories. scarves are used as a bright accessory in many circumstances. Especially, scarf is a perfect accessory to mix with coats, dresses and evening wear. So, this season, just glam with all the grace and elegance. And make a style statement that stands out.

nandika puri

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