The Spirit of Sports

Playing sports is not a hobby but a passion among youngsters. Especially in India, cricket is considered as a sport that everyone has to know….in Europe its soccer and in the United States it’s Baseball. Each and every sport has its own history, own rules and own fan following but the spirit of each and every sport is the same. What sport teaches us is to be united and play the game with sincerity and with true spirit, a thought which, somewhere with time, has been forgotten by people. Still, there are people around who think of sports as their religion and even can die for it.

The spirit of sports is something that creates among the people a sensation of togetherness and brings them closer. When it comes to sports it is not about your religion and not about your colour or your profession that matters, what matters is your love for the sport and the passion inside you that is burning for it. When in the game of Cricket, the team you are cheering for wins, the kind of warmth and excitement that one feels…the exhilaration that one would feel when their country wins the world cup or some tournament, which is what the spirit of sports is.

Players don’t just exercise and it is not like they have talent for sports but they work hard to achieve things and to stay at the top. It’s the die-hard spirit among them and the never-say-quit attitude that brings the charisma and the high voltage adrenaline rush attitude in the sports. Whether it is the audience or the players, when playing a game, what one thinks of is winning, not with any trick but through their talent and teamwork.

Whether its sprinting, swimming or gymnastics, individual players try their best to be the representative of their nation and show their talent to the world so that people recognize them and their home country. The spirit of sports is not something that can be told through words but it is something to be felt.

It’s a feeling that comes when you are sitting at the stands, it is the feeling of cheeriness when you are cheering together with others for your team, it is the feeling of accomplishment when you are thinking about your team winning, the feeling of having responsibility when, as a player, you are looking at the audience and thinking that you have to give your best, the feeling of everything going well, when, as a coach, you are thinking that your player has to go according to the plan and do his best and to motivate him, the feeling of pride when the national anthem of your country is playing during the beginning and after winning the game. Everything is just splendid and it is what we call the true spirit of Sports, an enigma of pride, responsibility, love, brotherhood and equality.

Varun Gopal

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