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To keep up with the legacy of the deep-rooted, Economics Department of the Fergusson College, an annual festival is organized by Fergusson College to meet your intellectual needs and to check your monetary skills! The Wallstreet Fest is the oldest festival, of all the 45 festivals, which each department in the Fergusson College organizes. Also, the Wallstreet festival being the oldest festival dates back to 1885. The festival is held around 25th and 26th December each year, and draws attention and healthy participation from every college in Pune. Respecting the need of economic transparency and enthusiasm of the students and the teachers, this festival was started with an absolute budget of 500 Rs. The Fergusson College Society itself was founded by the stalwarts of the Indian Freedom Movement-Lokmanya Tilak, Gopal Agarkar, Vishnushastri Chiplunkar and Madhavrao Namjoshi. The first two were also its distinguished teachers and Prof. Agarkar was its Principal (1892-95).

The Wallstreet Fest is an intellectual fest which attracts people from all the age groups. Being an intellectual festival, the standard of the festival is already high. The events taking place are as follows:

MOCK STOCK: Capital markets, stock exchanges, brokerage amazes you right? Unable to find a platform, eh? Thank me later, because you will be whacking up your heads playing Mock Stock! Here, there are going to 7-8 teams representing each company, like Infosys, Ongc etc. Now, as and when there are going to be ups and downs in the market, each company will get affected and so will your shares! First you can start by buying shares from the companies and then you can trade amongst yourselves, cool eh? Also you will have to be on time since there will be timeslots for each action. Sounds thrilling? The person with most money wins! You can participate as a team or individually. Isn’t it the time now to take the ball in your count? You might probably get going with your own Think tank someday.

BUSINESS MODELS: This is one event that people who are good at managing money and resources shouldn’t miss out on. Every team is given resources and cash to invest and develop their islands based on a few criteria and restrictions. The event would put your management skills to test and check if you would be able to manage the resources judiciously in the wake of various crises and emerge as an eminent power.  Chalk up the most efficient or wildest of strategies to make the best use of resources given to you and guide your team to glory. We have thrown in elements of economics and barter to spice things up a notch. Don’t miss out on the action.

YOUNG ECONOMIST:  If the economic problems of the country circle your minds and you want to do something about it, then this the one event where you can speak your mind out. Young Economist is a paper presentation cum debate event. It allows you to present your papers first and then after being judged on that you can start with Debate if your paper is good enough. If that’s not enough to feed your intellectual needs, we have the quiz coming up next.

ECON’ QUIZ 2013: The quiz will have two rounds, the prelims and elims. This year it gets a bit impish. The category this year is the Badasses’ of the Economic revolution. If you think your knowledge about this requirement of demand function is elastic, the world is your playground! If you are Mr-know-it-all, then this the best thing for you!

SHOWBIZZ:We know you are talented. But are your talents economically enduring? Participate in Showbizz and find out if your talent is selling enough. You will be asked to perform in front of a live audience and the judges will decide if you are selling enough to sponsor your talent.

MONOPOLY:  “You will be the winner of this game of life, the race is on, to make good money, and your mom can marry that could be funny” Ring a bell yet? This year, there’s KING SIZE MONOPOLY, a new event to give u a kick. You all know how to play monopoly, but this time, the rules are big, and it’s totally worth the wait as I am going to keep the suspense!

SNAP HUNT: Here, you will be given a list of objects, of which u have to bring soft copies, taking pictures. Each item on your list will have a certain amount of money and also a task to be completed along with the object, and meet the deadline! You will be lauded with lots of gifts after you win, and there will be clues to your smaller achievements of the objects! Sounds interesting?

Good, because many more events are lined up for intellect enthusiasts like you. This year, Wallstreet is full of surprises and certificates, and the entry is free!  Enjoy yourselves, and chill out smartly this Christmas!

Date: 25th and 26th December

Venue: Fergusson College


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