The Window Seat

There is nothing more refreshing than a journey, rejuvenating you as you take the much needed break from your monotonous life. And even better is a journey with your family, when you get to spend the quality time with your loved ones.
I decided to take one too, last week, and I was offered a window seat by my brother which reminded me of the good old childhood days, when grabbing the window seat was a must so as to enjoy the journey! I still remember the excitement and thrill of getting that seat- a perfect ‘lost in thoughts’ frame to set yourself in, as if you are starring in a movie!
I’ve always loved the window seat; whether in the bus, a car, or a train. There is some unexplained pleasure in witnessing your journey with the fresh air, the scenery where every passing tree seems to bid goodbye and the road ahead welcomes you!
There’s so much to see-the quick glimpses of a bleeding sun, the sky-touching buildings, endless grass green lands, the mysteriously shaped clouds. And even though everything moves by at a rate where I can’t take in every bit of detail, but at least I am able to see the bigger picture.
The window seat is also a refuge from company I want to avoid (Especially the weirdos who sit next to me when I am travelling by a bus or train). And it is of course a fairly good place to welcome the chain of thoughts! It maybe about my day, my life, how I wish to make the world a better place, or any random thoughts. But there’s always something going through my mind at the same speed everything passes my eyes. Sometimes I don’t even think. Sometimes I just stare. And even in that there’s some magic!

Pallavi Singhal

I enjoy the little things in life and express them through my words, whenever I feel like..

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