Story Telling-The lost Saga

Story Telling-The lost Saga

Gone are the days when grandparents & parents tell bedtime stories to children and put them to sleep. Story telling has become a forgotten art amongst us. Stories create a magic within us. They take us to a totally different world, places we have not visited, persons whom we have not met and so on. They create a beautiful imaginary sensation within every individual and make us forget the reality and take us to the story world.

Stories convey extraordinary thoughts and guide a person’s behavior in the moral path.  Stories awaken the child within us and make us have a feel good satisfaction at the end of a good story. But it’s quite unfortunate to see today’s generation busy in their own world of gadgets and forgot this amazing art form. Today we have Ms. Geeta Ramanujam who is reviving this art form and creating a harmony. She is an International Storytelling Network’s Indian coordinator .Geeta Ramanujam, a recipient of the Ashoka Fellowship, Washington, USA, is the Founder Trustee and Executive Director of Kathalaya Trust, a centre established with the intention of reviving the ancient art of storytelling and using it in schools as a cultural tool in education. Kathalaya does storytelling sessions and workshops for schools as well as empowerment .Ms. Geeta Ramanujam is an excellent storyteller and through Kathalaya organization she promotes storytelling as a communicative tool. She also conducts workshops for teachers to train and conduct story telling workshops on their own. It creates a perfect platform for aspiring storytellers.

‘Kathalaya ‘means the house of stories and Geetha Ramanujam is establishing story telling as a change-inducing, educational and communicative tool in society. She is a professional story teller for more than a decade and her vision is to make story telling as an effective tool to bring about a positive change in the society. She started her life as a Social studies teacher and as a Librarian after some days which seeded the thought of storytelling as a tool to promote among youngsters and use it as a teaching aid to inspire people.

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Ms. Geeta strongly believes that moral values can be inculcated through stories. We still remember the Hare & Tortoise story and the moral behind it ie)’Slow & Steady wins the race’. Not only children even adults can be taught the basic moral values through stories. ‘Little drops make a mighty ocean’, with that note I hope that eminent people like Ms. Geeta Ramanujam & other like minded people should come forward and bring about a change.


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