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Career Speak- Follow your passion

Every one of us has to survive and sustain in this world. To survive and to meet our basic amenities we need money that is inevitable. Career has a great role in deciding one’s fate. The careers we choose not only decide our personal growth but also influence the next generation to set their goals. The current trend in the society is to either pursue any one of the professional courses Engineering or Medicine. The rest of the science courses are looked down with contempt by majority of the people. We also see in our day to day life finally Engineers ending up in a Multinational software company but the real motto to study engineering and to redesign the world dies there. The passion to pursue the subject of interest has to sown in all the students. This huge responsibility lies with parents.  Parents should encourage their children to pursue their career as per their wish. But most of us make their children to follow their instructions and brushing aside the dreams of their children.

There is a difference between job and Career. It’s easy to find a job and meet the basic needs to pass the daily routine life but to embark a career is totally different. Job just provides the financial assistance but it fails to provide peace and satisfaction. When a person follows his passion and start working towards it he/she will definitely reach pinnacle of glory one day. That is the career the person has made!

Life is like a travel in a fast moving vehicle. We all reach one phase where our goals/ career path need to be set.   At this crucial point we should apply brakes and drive well for to reach our destination successfully and for comfy journey. At that point of time the decisions we make has a greater impact in rest of our lives.  Setting up goals is necessary to lead a life that we desire for. The career path we choose must be made on our own personal decisions. It’s really bad when we witness students pursuing their career as per their parents or cousins wish. Everyone should start chasing their own dreams instead of living someone else dreams it’s time to wake up and accomplish our dreams.

Youngsters should not chase hefty salary and leave their desires aside. In order to reach our goal there would be various hurdles we have to cross in our pathway, thorns we have to bear and the pain we carry it along till we reach our destiny. Though there would be struggles in initial stage the happiness we relish once we reach our goal cannot be described in words. So, let’s live our dreams and reach great heights!


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