1) Hong Yi paints using basketballs:  Forget fancy brushes and elaborate strokes. Here’s a painter who thinks no brush can tell a story as eloquently as her basketball does! She painted a breathtaking portrait of a basketball player called Yao Ming.

2) Ani K paints with his tongue: This painter has a lot more than the gift of gab. He paints with his tongue and often suffers from headaches, nausea and cramping. None of this bothers him enough to give up on his eccentric technique though. Initially, he used to deal with severe body and headaches on painting with his tongue. The pungent smells he is now immune to used to make him sick. This drawing teacher is the proud painter of over 20 watercolours, including the famous Last Supper.

3) Vinicius Quesada paints with human blood: This is an exceptional artist from Brazil who has a penchant for shocking his audiences with his unnerving technique. Blood Piss Blues, a famous series by the painter, is a result of his blood and urine, quite literally. This artist creates psychedelic, perturbing art work.

4) Millie Brown ‘vomits’ on the canvas: Millie Brown is known for drinking coloured milk and puking it out in interesting, abstract shapes and shades onto the canvas. She is the master of regurgitation and has used this unique talent to make a special place for herself in the world of art. Her works sell for thousands of dollars.

5) Xiang Chen has an ‘eye’ for art: The Chinese painter and calligraphy artist, Xiang Chen, attaches a paintbrush to his eye, inserting the flat metallic end right under his eyelids. He then uses his eye to drag the brush across the canvas and paint. While his work doesn’t exactly consist of million dollar paintings, the fact that someone can employ so bizarre a technique to paint is laudable in itsel

6) The woman who paints with her breasts: Kira Ayn Varszegi is known for her strangely evoking technique. She uses her breasts as brushes to paint. She applies oil paint to her breasts and presses them to the canvas, using different colour combinations and pressure techniques. Kira confesses the trick lies in mixing the colours to get an attractive composition. She sells most of her paintings on eBay.

7) Val Thompson uses human ashes: This painter uses the last remains of people’s loved ones with her paint, to get a certain kind of texture on the canvas. Her first painting was for a woman who had recently lost her husband.

8) Painting underwater: There’s a group of artists in Ukraine who go to the depths of the Black Sea to paint. Their scuba gear assists them during the expedition, where they paint under challenging conditions. Their canvas is covered with waterproof adhesive coating.

9) Chris Trueman is a lover of ants: Artist Chris Trueman painted “Self portrait with a gun” using a positively bizarre technique. He used dead ants to paint this portrait of his younger brother. The painting eventually fetched a whopping $ 35,000.

10) Natalie Irish makes use of her lips: This lady doesn’t need her hands to work her magic. All she needs is her artistic set of lips and she’s ready to create mesmerizing works of art. She uses lipstick and kisses the canvas aplenty to produce original, detailed portraits.

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