18th Century Love Song

an 18th century love song

for you, who did me wrong

and for all of this bias

i put you up on a dais.

you put your big smile

and pushed it in my face

you didn’t even have the grace

to tell me your heart was miles away.

and in the end, what will i do?

i dreamt up places we’ll see

and things we’d do

and discussions we’d begin

that i’d always let you win.

an 18th century ballad this may not be

an ode not anymore

an elegy perhaps,

into words i pour.

but you’ll move on, wont you?

the  city life calling you,

you’ll reply so eagerly

but it’s all so dubious to me.

the money and the fame

will take the driver’s seat

and i’ll see you from far

no longer recognizable, your scar

has washed away your sweet face.

will you still wait for me?

i’m slow, trying to catch up

the train moving forward so fast

i’ll gasp for air, reach out

hold my hand before i fall.

out of her lives, to the pain, she subsides

the torment in my heart so furtive, so feline

i hoped for you, and prayed with all my heart

you broke it to pieces and all my wishes were gone.

i always expected to be alone

but nothing prepared me for the shock

of knowing one’s love was never one’s own

it was a scarlet letter, forever mocked.

you said you didn’t love her

she wanted you too, my friend

what did you win, expect some glances,

worth your time and your advances?

 courtesy: devianart Ladama Llama

an 18th century love song

this will never become

i’ve lived in the present for too long

and in silence, my love song will depart.


I love writing and making up stories where none exists. So don't make a fuss when I tell you I'm a college student who solves crimes in her free time. I consider myself a jiu-jitsu expert so be scared if you meet me in a dark alley. Be very scared.

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