2013 Range Rover: The Brute steps aside

When I first saw it, I was held back by it. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It would’ve been the perfect moment with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir playing in the background. I still remember that time vividly. This is when I first spotted the elegant brute, Range Rover. It took my focus away from Porsches, Lamborghinis, Koenigseggs. It catapulted me towards SUVs. I spent countless hours on the internet going through videos, pictures, reviews. This is the car which gave me the instant ‘One day…..’ feeling.

However, things might change now with the new Range Rover. As much as I lusted after the old model, the 2013 edition just doesn’t cut it. The elegant design of RR now looks like a Ford Explorer. It looks too tame. Range Rover fans all over the world have been waiting for months, feeding on the ugly, bizarre test mules, each test mule looking different from other. These test mules just stoked the expectations that the final product will be the greatest ever.  The 2013 model looks like a German one rather than the British Engineering that we are used to. It’s completely opposite of what RR has been perceived as. I am not attracted by it, and I reckon many others are not too. It might be excellent on the inside, wonderful to drive, but in the end you’ll still be driving a tamer version of the Big Guy. It’s a big let down to many Range Rover fans. I hope it still has the same off road capabilities. 

Srinivas Arcot

An eternal optimist with volatile cynicism.

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