7 Shopping Tips for Plus Size Women

People with those bodies to ‘die for’ go along good with almost everything as long as they like it. But, when it comes to a size more than the normal ones, thinking what will look good take away all the time and still many women end up with something that possibly doesn’t suit their bodies, which at times ends with hating their body. But, realize that there is nothing to hate yourself, you are beautiful and smart, and you just need the right ones that suit you. So, here are five tips from someone who herself follows them.

1)    Go for darker shades

When I say darker shades, I do not mean only brown and black and I do not mean only the dark ones. Prefer shades of grey, dark blue, brown and black. Dark colours kind of cover your flabs and give you a slimmer look. Dark colours recede and light colours advance.

2)    Do not go for too tight or too loose

If you are size ‘XL’, do not go for ‘L’ OR ‘XXL’. If the cloth that you are picking up is too tight, your problem areas are clearly visible and it makes you look bulky. If you go for something that is loose, it gets baggy and you end up looking too ‘fluffy’ then. With the size which is neither too loose nor too tight makes you look a little less bulky covering the flabs as well. Do not hesitate to wear ‘XL’ if it is your actual size, size tag doesn’t matter.

3)    No horizontal patterns

Horizontal lines are a total no-no because they make a person look broader. So, go for vertical patterns instead.

4)    Flaunt the best of your body

If you have a small waist as compared to other parts, go for something that has a waist belt or that is having an elastic/string around waist. It will save you from an unwanted flab-show and flaunt the best part as well.

5)    Keep accessories in scale

With minimal or no accessories like a small purse, you will look bigger. And heavy accessories, like a medium purse or a broad strap watch will complement you.

6)    Pick V-Neck tops

V-Neck tops look best on plus size women as they give a less heavy look to your upper body. But, it all depends on whether you are comfortabl+e with wearing slightly deep V-Neck tops.

7)    Wear long tops

If you do not have a belly and lower body to show off in those jeans, wear long tops, it will cover belly and lower body as well.

So, do not go by what skinny models wear, everyone has different body type and how you carry yourself makes you look pretty. Choose wisely and look smarter.

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