Why do I love online shopping ?

When we make a visit to a website in order to buy any good or service, it is called ‘online shopping’. Here buyers do not make any trip to the traditional brick-and-mortar shop but to a virtual world! Globally, more and more ‘netizens’ are getting used to buying things through this new channel because it has become quite easy and convenient. According to the recent estimates, last year’s Christmas and New Year online shopping was estimated at US $10 Billion! This trend keeps ever-growing. That is the reason for my interest in online shopping.
The Internet has come to play a pivotal role in the modern era. We like to shop online – which saves our time and effort. It also reduces our stress and anxiety since we need not search frantically for good stores. Websites are usually developed in a user-friendly manner and this helps us to use these modern resources efficiently. Cost-effectiveness is another reason for my opting for online shopping. Free shipping and free home delivery are definitely attractive features which captivate my attention to the umpteen clarion calls of advertisements from websites.
The scope is wide for a shopping-spree with several available brands of consumer goods like toys, books, gadgets, accessories, garments, household utensils, and whatnot! Recently, I had placed an order for four Polo T-shirts and got the delivery within 5 days! However, one item was a bit damaged but I could claim for a replacement successfully. Though I had not entertained any hope of getting a new and perfect piece, I was pleasantly surprised to see a reasonable replacement along with a letter of apology from them for the inconvenience caused.
What really impressed me most was the way I was treated with such care and concern, which alone should definitely make me a ‘regular’ for the online shopping!

Raygalla Kalyan Srinivas

I believe in proper existence and have my own ideology of leading life. I wish I was not told what is good and bad, I would have got a complete different way of approach and understanding of things. I feel that when there is Quality Education, the

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