A gym for your brain?

Off-late people tend to give more attention to physical fitness and leave out on mental fitness. Just because physical fitness is easily noticed in the society does not mean mental fitness is weighed any lighter. In fact, for a better physical fitness, mental fitness is very essential. Only when the brain is healthy it would coordinate well with the body for it to be healthy in turn. Most of us ignore this fact and exhaust our mental energy and fail to recoup it. There is more mental pressure that we experience every day than physical. Often, we get stressed due to peer pressures at work or the usual target pressures from boss which right away exhausts the brain. Thus, it deserves to be taken good care of.

Extreme mental pressures lead to mental disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc., which gradually spoils the physical health too. The brain has to be given some viable exercises for it to stay active and healthy. Because anything left unused will slowly become rudimentary. Like how we maintain our physique by running, working out, etc., the brain should be provoked by various ways and not stay idle. Few ways by which one can get his/her brain into action:

  1. Collecting positive thoughts and feelings and trying to eliminate the negative, unnecessary ones. Pondering the negative thoughts gives stress and is unhealthy.
  2. Playing games that evoke the brain and need it to the maximum. E.g. Chess, Carrom, Sudoku, etc.,
  3. Setting goals for the self. Getting involved in one or the other work voluntarily, setting goals, would enable the brain to stay active.
  4. Maintain a journal to pen down thoughts. During time of distress or elation, writing down the emotions helps in coping up with mood swings and provide a stable mental state. If not written, try talking to the wall. Works a lot!
  5. Have a high self esteem. This gives more confidence on the self and avoids mental pressures and tensions.
  6. Day dreaming is a very good way of keeping the brain active. Also useful to accomplish the goals in a very ambitious and satisfactory way.
  7. “There are no dead ends in life, only dead end thinking.”
    ― Orrin Woodward

         Think about the day’s events before going to sleep. Debate on your actions, if they were right or wrong. This              establishes a sense of self satisfaction and also peaces out the mind before sleep because not always does the brain rests like the body while sleeping.

  1. Reading books are the friendly means to provoke your ideas and in turn refreshes the brain keeping it hale and healthy.
  2. Researchers say that social networking also helps in a good mental activity.
  3. Adopting a well-defined hobby prevails to be a very wise idea and stabilises the brain at very good levels.

A very few ideas are these. But there are lot more ways in which the brain can be taken good care of.  Mental fitness is very important for the overall functioning of the body system. Give some food and exercise to your brain and groom it well.

Poornima Balasubramanian

I am a happy go person. Basically, love making friends. I spend my leisure by writing, reading, watching movies or sketching abstracts. I am a civil services apirant too!

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