A long wait.. it had better be worth it

I drifted through the letters in the postbox one evening and found one addressed to me. I had finally received my voter’s ID! As I climbed the stairs to my apartment,I thought of how long I’d been waiting for this-to finally cast my vote. In just a few months,I would have voted for the first time. Ever since I’d taken a liking for Democratic Politics in class Nine,I’d been really excited to vote. But who to vote for? Now this was a tricky question. Politics in India is so complicated that most of us choose to stay away from it- even in the newspaper! Choosing right is going to be much harder than I thought. In the current scenario,it looks like the public would have to choose the best from the worst. Governance problems have come up and been addressed time and again- satisfactorily? Sadly not. Talks about politics come up in class and college,but always reach a dead end. Why is it so hard,are we the only ones who are so indecisive? Will the impermeable spider web of quesions ever be answered? They have to be. The more indecisive we are,the worse it is for us. One thing’s for sure,we need change,and fast. Employment is dwindling,poverty is on the rise,and inflation is unsurmountable.
When people don’t find a worthy candidate,they simply don’t vote. No wonder the polls are ‘allegedly’ rigged. The votes of citizens who don’t vote are misused.How many of us know about the constitutional rule 49-O (NOTA) ? When a valid voter decides not to cast his vote, he decides to record this fact. So his vote is considered as null,and means that the voter is rejecting all the candidates.
I surely don’t want to regret voting for anyone. We need to believe that a particular person or party will steer our country to the top. Any such candidates in the present? Erm… no?
So what do we do? This is our chance,and it does not come often. Five years is a long time and anything can change. We have to be responsible voters. So let us watch the news,read the papers and look up agendas. I sincerely hope I don’t end up pushing the None Of The Above (NOTA) button on the EVM. Fingers crossed that the wait was worth it!

Madhumita R

I am an Engineering student. I love reading,I've also started writing in my free time. I also like teaching. I aspire to be in the Indian Civil Services. I absolutely have to make some major decisions regarding my career in the near future!

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