My Fault ?? I am a GIRL !!

Save Me ! I want to LIVE.’ That’s a female fetus voicing her desire to come to this world? Wrong! Too bad. She came into this world. Only to get raped eventually. Of her body, mind and soul. This is what the 23 year old physiotherapy student, who was barbarously gang raped by 6 men in a moving bus in New Delhi, the Esteemed Crime Capitalof our country, said or rather scribbled in a written statement in an unconscious state. Her fault? She was out with a male friend at 9:15 at night.
According to our male dominated, patriarchal society which thinks that they owe the female body and treat it as a mere object of fulfilling their sexual desires specially if she is out of her house at night, so many people will still find faults with the victim as in why was she out at night, she must have been explicitly dressed etc etc. Kudos to the mentality of such intellectuals who maybe are not aware of a thing called newspapers which daily smashes reality on the face of the largest democracy of the world. All those who point a finger at the rape victim(s), questioning their dressing and time of going out, haven’t you heard about 5 and 6 years old little girls being harassed and murdered?
A lot has been written about the incident and will continue for some more time. People will continue to protest against the government, conduct candle marche

s, rallies, demanding for death sentences, castration etc.
But what about that girl who is dependent on a ventilator, battling for her life? Even the doctors operating on her couldn’t stop themselves from condemning the brutality she underwent for 40 long minutes. Already operated twice, her intestines and genitals have been damaged and ruptured extensively. Sensitivity and respect for women seems to have perished from the so called civilized society. She has been n and out of coma at least five times since admitted to the hospital on Sunday the 16th. Looking at such inhuman acts, I wish the Mayans were right. Wake up you heartless morons ! Even animals mate with consent.
Whatever happens to the convicts or animals I would say (though its an insult to the animals too), but can anything put an end to the tears she shed or the agony she went through? She can never lead a normal life now nor conceive. And for that matter, leave alone married life, will she ever be able to erase the scars of that horrible night ever in her life? Physical pain may last for a year or so but emotional and mental pain lasts for a lifetime. Don’t believe me? Go and Google “ARUNA SHUNBAUG”. Maybe you will realize that the world is actually coming to an end. At least for women.

Swati Sharma

A graduate with an avid interest in movies, reading and interacting with people.

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