A tale told by an idiot, full of fury..

“Everybody has their taste in noises as well as in other matters; and sounds are quite innoxious, or most distressing, by their sort rather than their quantity.” –   Jane Austen, Persuasion

In our daily lives, apart from our earthly voices, there are other voices too enveloping our being and making the whole portrait of life, complete. Those sounds, we generally are not attentive enough to hear them but if they suddenly go void, our existence too will come to a halt. The noise when you comb your hair or pour water in a glass, we seem to avoid these as we have some more major issues to mingle with, this is the way a common man thinks.

Kaushik Ganguly written and directed, national award winner film, shobdo s protagonist Tarok(Ritwik Chakraborty) is a prodigy. He is a folly artist, who decks up the morose celluloid with detailed and synchronized sound.

Tarok s obsession with sound results to be his antagonist, paving his way to be a man who is psychologically disillusioned, hapless and helpless.

Dibendyu(Srijit Mukherji) and Ratna(Raima Sen) are clueless about the fact how to help such a man who denies being sick. They are unable to come up for a solution to save such an artist.

There comes the Good Samaritan, psychiatrist Sathi(Churni) who helps out Tarok from this crisis.
was she able to succeed?

Did Tarok overcome his sickness?

For that, you need to hit the theatres but overall, it was again Ganguly s fresh attempt, to attempt something un-attempted.

Characterizations were neat; Ritwik was flawless as Tarok, a man who cannot imagine anything other than sound, a defeated man who realizes that sound cannot be his friend anymore. The desperation, the helplessness, the meek requests, 10 ta minute dik nah kaaj korteh  colors the character with revolting hues. Churni was a turn off; she has to shed her mannerisms and extra sophistication to go deep into the character.

Srijit and Raima were fair.

Moinak Bhaumik s editing was weak. It could have been much more stretchable and compact.

The approach of the D.O.P was new. It was neither cinematic nor documentation. It was all the more abrupt and unexpected. New and impactful it was.

Direction and the storytelling was good as expected from Ganguly but the way he ended the film, it was predictable. The twist and turns that the whole film had was magnetic and amusing. Therefore the conclusion that Ganguly drew was not justified.

It should have been more deep and intriguing, giving a transcendental effect all the more.

The film is really appreciable because of it’s concept and it’s smart handing but being an individual, I had sky high expectations just because it’s this specified maker of the film.

With mixed bag of emotions and responses. Cheers to the team and specially to the man.

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