OMG- oh my God!
Direction: Umesh Shukla
Actors: Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Mithun Chakraborty

How many times, do we go to a temple or a mosque or any religious place? And out of that, how many times do we see the act of  commercialization of god there?

Believing in God or loving god are totally different concepts and begging in the name of god, making god a commodity to be sold out is of a totally different perspective. Our Indian culture is full of people who still believe in ‘blind faith’ Among the previous few releases, there was one movie which points out this state, in front of everyone- OMG: oh my god.

The film is based on a popular Gujarati play called Kanji virudh(vs) Kanji, which was also staged in Hindi later. The director of the movie-Umesh shukla has done a fantastic job in making such a movie, which not only inspire us but also tries to make a statement about corruption, which is prevailing in every corner of our country.

It is basically a story about a Gujarati shopkeeper, Kanji Lalji Mehta( Paresh Rawal), popularly known as Kanji Bhai ,who happens to be a nonbeliever. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t donate to religious places. He had given several donations to these places, which claim his unhappy circumstances will change by giving offerings.

The main story starts when his shop is demolished during an earthquake but his insurance company denies him any money, as it had been stated in the policy that, “There can be no claims, if the property is damaged due to an act of God” This makes him ‘sue God’. By doing this, a whole new controversy emerges; religious leaders even try to kill him but he is saved by a stranger (Akshay Kumar), who calls himself Krishna Vasudev Yadav from Gokul. This Krishna; who is God himself, helps Kanji fight against these things and later in the movie, saves him from paralysis too. The story progresses from hereon.

It has several plus points – the lead pair Paresh Rawal &Akshay Kumar have  fantastic on screen comic timing.  The whole concept is about creating ‘awareness’, and the dialogues are great. This movie is bold and asks many fundamental questions. It tries to bring out the fact that God is all pervading, lives in each one of us and in good deeds of human beings. A person might not agree or like everything the main protagonist- Paresh Rawal says, it certainly makes one think.

 Rating 4/5


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