A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember – by Nicholas Spark

Some love stories are just so common. Girl met boy, they became good friends and then then journey began. But as far as this book is concerned, it is something unusual. Here two people met coincidently, became good friends and then as they say- ‘Rest is History’.

This story is set in the North Carolina.  It is about Landon Carter, a 17-year old high school student, famous for his notorious and spoilt brat attitude and spends his life in a very carefree manner. In this way when he plays a prank on his fellow high-school student, he faces serious expulsion threats from the school authorities which makes it compulsory for him to take part in extra co- curricular activities.

In the course of doing so, he is forced to interact with the quiet, bookish and studious Jamie Sullivan, a girl whom he has known before, but has hardly ever felt the need to interact with. Despite of being different in their social status, the destiny brings the two closer to each other. Their beautiful journey starts and ends up as a true love story.

My favorite lines from this book is when Landon completes his education, meets Jamie’s father and asks for forgiveness as he failed to grant her last wish a “miracle” in her life. But Jamie’s father says – “She did. It was you”

I believe this story is truly heart-touching, where every words penned down by the author Nicholas Spark in a lucid style, touches our soul immensely. We learn some beautiful facts that true love always helps us to grow as a better person.

It sometimes becomes a source of inspiration and guiding light to make our journey of life more easy and smooth. It is more of “us” feeling that helps in identifying two different individuals as a single entity. No matter how many hurdles come, and even if destiny has its own plan; we can combat all, if the companion is true, caring and loving. Because then, the journey by two truly becomes “A Walk to Remember”.

So all Romantic story lovers, don’t forget to read this saga of love!

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