Laxmibai – a Premier Institute for Women in Delhi

In school one is accustomed to greetings and love shared by the eternal bond one makes with his friends. The twelve years of school life pass away and a vacuum is created. A good college , lovely friends, blissful atmoshphere, freedom, opportunities are a few of the things one demands in his new phase of life. The four supportive walls of the school now become a dream in this transaction. There is loss, there is excitement, there is everything a teenage may demand for him to become really unhappy yet enthusiastic.

Campus life is the “Key Term” which attracts students to the colleges . The more happening the campus life, the more you enjoy, the more you develop and so on. Every aspirant has his own picture of the college he wants to be in. It depends on the individual, what choice he makes. In economics we say, “People make choices, based on the incentives they receive”.

Here, I introduce the college I never intended to be in, but I still am loving it !

Lakshmibai college, Delhi University is a very old institution of women which aims at development of women, in all strata of the society. The college has large green sprawling lawns, with decent infrastructure and a modest amount of facilities a student would require. The best part of my college is the faculty ! It has one of the best faculties in the university and is at top position in sports. Being surrounded by beautiful lush green “Ashoka Gardens” , the college rests upon a pleasant location. The girls are all decent, many come from an opulent background. A buoyant environment is there in the college full of hustle-bustles, zip-zapps and chattering of girls.

Our canteen is very well-accomodated and serves a variety of delicious food. In winters, the special gajar juice is one of the boastful features. The “chole-kulche wala”, “raju-chaat bhandar”, “oberoi’s restraunt” ,”s-square”, “kamla nagar market” , “hudson lane” are a few food points where the girls choose to hangout the most. Not to forget “Deep Market” and Cannaught place, which is also not very far away. With plentiful places to eat in Kamla Nagar market, one can easily become addicted to the delicious junk food !The University library, and other premier institutions like Delhi School of Economics, Faculty of Management Studies are not far away, one easily reach there in fifteen minutes by road.

The college has a number of societies, most active of them being, “ Navrangg- the street theatre society”. A number of activities , trips, seminars, picnics are repeatedly organised by the college to add on to the charm of the girls. “ Vividha” , the college’s cultural festival is worth a mention. Being near to the metro station, girls find the travel easy and comfortable. “Breakeven” is the fest of the economics department , which always witnesses great response from the students and participants too.There are en-number of fests carried out by other departments of the college. Like every other college of Delhi University, it also has “National Cadet Corps”

It has all that one needs in his college life. Girls have a zest to do new things and a few are even indulged in uplifting the college in various fields. Our principal is very much co-ordinating and always is very much helping and supportive. Even , the staff is symbiotic with efforts of the students.

The campus of my college is full of lively beautiful girls (including me ;p) who add on to the charisma of gladsome college life. There is something or the other always going on so one doesn’t get bored. There are umpteen things left for me to still discover about my college as i am only in the first year of my college life.

Not every college is SRCC or Stephens, but believe me, you will miss it once you leave it! Ultimately it is you who has to find ways to make it work better and not the college. “Be the change you want to be” and you’ll realize, no college is good or bad. It is you who defines your stay in the college you are.

Life can be enjoyed in every way if you enjoy yourself. So if you are opting for LakshmiBai, be positive and come in ! I am waiting for new girls for my beautiful campus :).

Pallavi Prabhakar

Sweet, simple and mysterious is who i am ! I love the beautiful world I live in, and the beautiful me ! :)

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