Add a Twist To your BREAKFAST!!!

Opening your eyes on a lazy winter morning is the most hardest of all. And to make a breakfast after that is like a next big hurdle. Generally what we have in the morning, a cup of tea or coffee may be with a toast or fruits.

I have been totally bored of this meal. As breakfast is considered to be the most important of all the meal, why not to make it more exciting?

When I was little, the most regular thing that my mum used to pack in my lunch was French toast (bread dipped in egg). This made me give an idea about adding a twist to this dish.

The ingredients needed are:

-2 eggs

-4 brown bread slices

<font “=””>-sauce (any you like, my personal favorite is chili garlic sauce)


-milk (1 tablespoon)


The process is as follows:

– Break eggs into a wide bowl.

– beat lightly with a fork after adding salt (according to taste), and milk.

-spread the sauce you like on the bread slices and dip them in the egg mixture.

-on medium flake, heat up the oil in the pan.

-put those bread slices on the pan, cooking both the sides till its slightly golden brown.

<font “=””>-you can add anything to it like oregano, chili flakes, innovation has no limits.

Viola, your French toast in new style is ready.  An awesome start for an awesome morning!


well, i am a confident, always smiling, high spirited girl from Delhi, who love to read novels like anything(can live on it only) and write about things which i love (like novels, techie stuffs et al).

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