Start-Ups: Right to Speak English

Start-Ups: Right to Speak English

The importance of English language in today’s scenario is unimaginable. It is essential to master this language to explore the world. It’s quite unfortunate that students commit suicide due to lack of self-confidence and inability to speak this language. English is no longer Greek or Latin for students who struggle to learn the language. HERITAGE LANGUAGE SURVEY REPORT states that the largest number of respondents (754, or 47%) prefer to speak a mix of the HL and English, followed by the group that prefers English alone (578, or 36%). 167 (10%) had no preference, while only 97 (6%) expressed a preference for their HL. The 17 “Other” responses (1%) mostly referred to a mix of the two languages or the addition of a third. (Source:


There are many youngsters who face the problem to communicate in English. To solve this problem, two like -minded individuals who are passionate about giving back to society created a page called “Right to Speak English”. They are engineering graduates from Tamilnadu who wanted to help at least one person and create a difference in their lives. The motto of this page is to make people as survival of the fittest and emerge successful in this competitive world.

English is “JUST” a language which is used for communicating with people, just like any other language like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada Etc… In fact English is not even a native language for many people across the globe. But it is the MOST commonly spoken language across the world. That is the reason why, English plays an important role. Knowing English can help your thoughts & ideas reach people across the globe, like no other language.

Though ‘Right to Speak English’ is not a very structured way to teach English. This Facebook page do inspire people and motivate them. This page also provides health tips, job related updates and career building tips. The unique feature of this page is the online quiz that is conducted on weekdays daily on various topics like Grammar, General Knowledge, Current affairs, Aptitude & Riddles etc. The admin panel has remained anonymous to the users of this page .At present this page has more than 5500 plus fans from 45 plus countries across the globe.

This initiative has to be encouraged in order to reach to millions of people across this universe. Let’s help others in order to help ourselves.

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