All work and no play?

Work is the religion we all are currently following. This current generation is way beyond being ambitious. We all have this urge to beat the rest of the world and conquer all the things we can. Recently I met a friend, he is working with a major brand in the tech world. I have known him from the time before he had a job, and he had a completely different set of priorities in his list and after few months, they don’t even exist. He loves his job and has this zeal to reach the top by working hard day and night. This is the kind of determination I am talking about. Circumstances in today’s world are just an excuse to shift your focus where as you have it all set in your mind.

Career building should be everyone’s first thing in their to-do list. Experience, hard work and zeal are the essential ingredients in being successful in what you are pursuing. Students nowadays are exploring various fields and diversify themselves from the regular engineering and medicine. I am currently doing my engineering in I.T. but I have a passion for writing. God knows, I might just choose this as my career after completing my degree. Luckily, my parents have been supportive in whatever I am doing and have no objection to what I am going to pursue in the future. All they want is me to settled and happy with my career.

 Organizations these days recruit the huge mass to work with them, and all they do is make them slog. Hardly any of them are happy there. There is no point in doing all day work and come back home unhappy. But our generation has just accepted the fact of slogging and pinning their heads down till the work gets done and till they have no more steps to climb on the ladder. But this work stress is killing and stifling our emotions. We get so engrossed in completing deadlines and impressing the boss that we forget that we do have a family or friends to look forward to. I am not saying that one shouldn’t concentrate on their work and give their time to the loved ones. I am saying make sure you know they exist and they know you exist. Because in the end of the day when you come back home, you need to tell someone how pathetically bad or how fantastic your day was at work. The videogames, alcohol and Facebook or Twitter are not always going to be a rescue to your blurting out emotions.

We have to overcome the whole habit of giving our 101% in our work. Save that extra 1% for the sentiments, sometimes they are something that helps you through the hardest times at your workplace. So my personal advice or rather I would say it as an advice, is that worship your work and walk towards your goal with the passion but make sure at the end of the night, you have the people to celebrate your success with.

Rukmini Sengupta

blogger, writer, active on twitter, undergrad student doing engineering.

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