A Tale of Destiny-My review

The story starts like this, Noyona wakes up from her bed with a startle and with a staring look at the photo which is hung on the wall so majestically, tear drops roll over her cheek. The past engulfed her.

 NOYONA: She started her journey to Delhi, towards her bright future. She was given a friendly hand by Bijoy, her fellow classmate which later took the shape of love,as usual. After their three years of graduation completed, Bijoy announced her about his plan of going abroad to look after his future. All basic plans of communication went well, that they would continue their relationship through Facebook, mails, and telephones.

                  But gradually the intensity of their contact faded. She was heart broken. To match her feelings, she compelled herself to dedicate herself with books. As a result the shy and broken Noyona disappeared in the distant crowd and she emerged as a bold and a girl with a clear vision.

            As a successful woman she got placed in a well renowned company in the most busy city- Mumbai. On the first look she was stunned by her Managing Director, Alok Dasgupta, whose wife was dead. Unknowingly she fell in love with him. But at the start he didn’t even notice her. And at a meeting, he too fell for her. Her beauty and intelligence ruled him. They got married and life was so perfect for her. She could find no flaw in his love though she is his second wife.And she has not asked anything about his first wife. But all this retained for few months…

                         Though she was sure on knowing everything about him, she was not known of what he does every night in his study room, which is not permitted for her to enter. Suddenly one day she was stricken with harsh words for replacing a blue jar in the table. She decided and stealthily entered his study room one day.She was stunned by the big size wall photo of a woman which was hung opposite to his table.Without any explanation she could understand that the woman was his first wife Anjali. All the books in that room were hers. Every note in there had her signatures, every poem was hers, everything was written to him. That was enough to show her how much they loved. The reason behind her death was still mysterious to her. She was so keen in knowing the reason. That night she gave a talk with Alok about this and insisted him to say the truth…

“She was so talented and a tempting beauty. No one who talked to her could forget her. Her talent and look was never wasted, that she was in every club and social gatherings. But I didn’t like that. Every night I tortured her by asking she had any affair or not. I didn’t feel how she must have felt. One fine morning she wore a metallic blue saree in which she looked like an angel and entered my study room. A gun shot rushed me to the room where she was lying in a pool of blood. My Anjali, I killed her” saying so, he was crying terribly. Even I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I spoke nothing. Alok held her in his hand the whole night. The next morning she was waken up on hearing a gun shot. She saw the room, it was ajar. He was not there in the room. She rushed to the study room where she found him sitting on the chair with no movement and blood drops falling down.


It’s been four years since he died. Noyona and her son was in the sands of Brahmaputra. He exactly has his father’s eyes. He was building a sand house assisted by his mother. As it grew dark, they both walked back home, with an invisible pair of feet following them..                                                          .

So this is how the story ends!!

“A Tale of destiny” by Amrita saikia was one such heart touching story. The entire story was so good to read. But I am not satified with the climax.Why can’t there be a good life after a love failure?. In my vision, Alok must have thought about the promises he must have given to Noyona and her parents. He must have given a thought about Noyona’s love, her life. If he would have thought about it a while, this will not be the end…

There is a life after a love failure!


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