An Eternal Walk to Remember

An Eternal Walk to Remember

Cometh the phase of teen and pieces of advice start thundering down from different quivers. One of such piece is not to fall in love. According to many, especially the concerned elders, falling in love at teenage deters one’s goals. To break this platitude, entered a gratifying movie titled, ‘A Walk to Remember’. It is a movie released in the year 2002 making a modest hit in the US Box Office. This movie focuses merely on how the love generates and develops between Shane West and Mandy Moore who are the lead casts.

The plot kicks off with Landen (Shane Watson) and his friends playing a prank on one of the student at school. A prank that goes in a total haywire for which Landen is punished to assist the challenged kids at various affiliated schools, participate in theatres and many more. In the play he witnesses Jamie (Mandy Moore) who is a very bookish and quiet girl. He seeks for her help each time he has a problem with lines for which he visits her home for practice. Jamie accepts Landen’s request on one condition that he would not fall in love with her for which he grins and replies that she would be the last girl he would fall in love with, that he has access to other pretty girls in town.

Landen wishes to keep their tentative friendship in the zone of stealth as she was considered lame by others at high school. Landen’s smirks left Jamie in complete disdain and she wishes to quit having any sort of connections with him. Eventually at the play Jamie mesmerizes Landen and the audience. Laden kisses Jamie, a part of which was not scripted in the play.  Landen tries to get close to Jamie despite the rejections for which his friends plot a scene at college morphing her face on the photo of an objectionably draped woman. Landen publicly confronts his friends punching Dean in the face leaving him in jolts.

Landen starts to dedicate most of his time with Jamie and they fall deeply in love with each other before a hick up crops up. Jamie tells Landen that she is suffering from terminal Leukaemia and has stopped responding to medical treatments. Jamie explains the reason for not informing Landen as she did not want individuals around her to feel awkward, especially him whom she was deeply in love with. With an understandable initial dejection, Landen starts to make each of the elements of her wish list come true like being at two places at once, getting a tattoo, building her a telescope so that she sees the comet and many more. Jamie’s health starts to deteriorate eventually leaving her in the bed of silence. Landen loves her even after her decease and completes the movie with touching lines, “Jamie is not with me anymore, but she is exists in the breeze and memories of me that I will never forget”.

A movie that touched many hearts and left them with a souvenir of love. A souvenir that is gentle, protective, loving, caring, understanding and spellbinding. Such a movie shall not only remain in the hearts but also in the memories to cherish.

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