1. LIMO LIFT : limo lift , the fitness device ,doesn’t just count the amount of steps you’ve taken the calories you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned ,it also corrects your posture. The clip-on device sends gentle vibrations to remind you to sit up straight and stand without sloughing anytime it detects your posture slipping. Mothers of children hunched over a computer screen worldwide can rejoice. which cost’s only RS.4,732 … you can order it or buy it at

2.NEST THERMOSTAT : Nest’s most successful product in a smart thermostat that learns your home’s heating patterns, adjusts to your lifestyle, and saves energy, As with all other smart devices,it boasts the ubiqutious link with the users smart phone and can be controlled even when you’re away from home. PRICE RS:14,915.

3.GLOFASTER JACKET : The Glofaster ‘smart’ jacket uses a system of lights to communicate with wearer. glofaster jacket’s system serves as a herald of things to come. cirrently, the product’s operating principle is if you’re meeting your target heart rate and running speed, the lights stay on . intermittent flashes are the smart jacket’s way of telling you to put your legs into it!!! PRICE RS:5,930.

4.URB-E : URB-E is a compact,collapsible bike made of lightweight aircraft aluminium,making it easy to carry it onto buses and trains. the versatile design offers choice between a three-wheel and a two-wheel system. it is also  connected to an app, which tracks the vechicles battery life and aids navigation.. PRICE: 1,07,760. .

5.POPPY: the poppy 3D camera & viewer quite literally adds a whole new dimensions to iphone photography. using a system of mirrors,lenses and old fashioned optics, the poppy converts a single photo taken from the iphone into two seperate stereographic images,which are then placed one above the other to produce a 3D photo. PRICE:3,590.

6.LUMOS SOLAR BACKPACK : banglore-based start up lumos’ Solar backpack cleverly harnesses the potential of india’s sunny weather . the panel of solar fabric on the backpack provides energy to charge your laptop,phones or camera whilist on the go. As they say,make hay while the sun shines !!! PRICE:4,999

7.GOJI SMART LOCK: KNOCK..KNOCK.. who’s there? the goji smart lock finally puts this tired question to rest . the lock connects to your smart phone ,and is operated through this paired device. amongst its many features,it also sends a photo of anyone who tries (with or without permission) to enter your home directly to your phone. the companion app for goji smart lock also allows you to grant access remotely via text or email to acquantances, and keeps a record of all coming and going throgh your home’s door..PRICE:16,652

8.RING: if ‘ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL’ existed in our world ,this would be it . this geture -controlled device, ring is compatible with google glass. with a flick of your fingers, the ring plays music,captures images, makes mobile payments and sends texts. it connects to your home appliances directly or through a home automation hub such as IVee..PRICE: YET TO BE DECIDED

9.IVEE: the ivee brings us one step closer to the future envisioned in the jetsons. this home automation hub can control the lighting in your house ,give you weather updates from anywhere in the world , play music of your choice as well as a host of other activities.users interact with iVee through its smooth voice-recognition system that makes replaying commands as simple as ‘thinking aloud’ PRICE:11,979

10.SONY HMZ-T3: the futuristic headset isin’t going to get you into music duo daft punk, but it will offer you a unique viewing experience . once you strap on this head-mounted personal 3D viewer,be prepared to completely enthralled by the images floating on the twin oled screens on your visor. sony HMZ-T3 can be used for viewing movies,playing video games, or anything that would normally require a TV screen . this lightweight gadget even comes with detachable light screens to ensure your escape from reality!!! PRICE:1,30,045..

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