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V R The Next Big Thing!

Here I am, standing at the very summit of Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world. The strong wind ruffles my hair at this astonishing height of 800 metres as I look down at the ant-sized cars and seemingly-tiny buildings of Dubai. As I grip the railing and …

Strangest Places on Earth | Youthopia

Extreme Sports: High On Life

Does diving into the ocean from a steep cliff appeal to you? Does racing down an active volcano with only a piece of plywood for company give you the goose bumps? Is surfing in the middle of a hurricane your idea of fun? Welcome to the world of extreme sports! …

Good Samaritans

The Joy Of Giving

The signal turned red just as I pulled my car in front of it. Now I had no other option but to wait forever till it turned green again. I killed the engine and settled down for a long wait just as a horde of ragamuffins attacked me and the …

Travel Hotspots

Roman Holiday

I got down at the station. ‘Roma Termini’- a huge sign greeted me. The platform was abuzz with tourists- American teenagers in their shorts, European ladies in their petite summer dresses, Asians with their over-large rucksacks and the occasional Indian family trying to blend in the western scenario. As I …


Confessions Of A Librocubicularist

The books look at me innocently, their pristine covers glowing under the bright lights of the posh bookstore. Rows and rows of shelves filled with mystery, fiction, drama and romance. My eyes travel from one spine to another as my mind registers their names. My face erupts into a smile …

Start-ups & Entrepreneurship

India’s Idli Man: On a mission to end hunger

“Entrepreneur”- I remember hearing the word for the first time in school and being impressed by its fancy pronunciation. Entrepreneur is a big word. But what’s bigger than the word is the hard work that goes with it. Entrepreneurs are not born or created; they evolve out of situations. Being …