Shop-a-holic-Think Before you Buy!

‘Shop-a-holic’ mania has become the trend of the society. We all love shopping irrespective of clothing, accessories or gadgets; as India is known as the best place to sell any goods in the eyes of other countries. We youngsters are especially addicted to Gadgets these days.

I would like to reinstate that there lies a thin line between the basic needs and the luxury needs. It is quite unfortunate that today’s youth has forgotten to draw a line on this. Shopping has become a vital part of our life and we have reached a stage today where many people have become addicted to shopping and started to swipe their cards for every one hour.

It’s high time for us to differentiate our needs and things which add to our luxury combo. I had a chance to witness the reality of one such shop-a-holic in my life. Luckily or unluckily he is one of my friends who is a gadget freak. (P.S: With all due respects to my friend, his name is avoided so that he doesn’t squabble with me:P)

In the initial days, he used to spend some money for usual outings and fundas and save the remaining for future expenses. Once he was introduced to Online shopping his life was totally changed. Every day he started shopping online to buy the latest gadget that creates a buzz in the town. He started spending most of his earnings in buying the Electronic gadgets like Mobile, Computer, Tab, I-pad and other accessories.

He started to borrow money from his friends to shop online. When days passed by, his friends avoided him in order to save their pockets from this shopping maniac. It has reached a stage where he was totally addicted to shopping. He could not control his urge without logging into the famous shopping sites every day. His parents were unaware of his behavior untill now, and they were taken aback when few of his friends grumbled about it to them. Then, finally a few good friends (one was me obviously) advised him and took him to a counsellor. After few sessions of counselling he was restored into normalcy.

The main purpose of this article is not to condemn shopping but we should distinguish our needs which are essential and luxury needs. It is always better to think twice before we buy any product. Youngsters are the future building blocks of our nation and if we don’t take a step to control our atrocious behavior it will result in a state of suffering.

The graph depicts the trends in shopping among the youngsters. This is based purely on feedback collected from my friends and general public. This clearly indicates that youngsters shop the most. Many of us fall into the trap of fake discount offers and no value cards.

So when next time you go shopping, be wise to think before you buy.


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