Backpedaling your playlist

What is music without him?

Back to 70s-80s when hip hop and jazz were not introduced or when we didn’t have Eminem and Rihanna; he was the star.

Words fall short to describe him. Not only his work speaks but it lives with us. He is remembered, appreciated and heard even today; centuries after he died. I shouldn’t use adjectives to describe him; it will be injustice to his work.

This person’s life revolved around music, he ate, drank, slept and lived music.

He gave us hits like-

“Roop tera mastana” from ‘Aradhna’

Orginal “Khaike pan banaras wala” in 1978, “Zindagi ek safar”, “Inteha ho gayi” and many more…

You can’t help but sing those songs; even my 11 years old brother knows each and every song of this legend, no introduction is needed.

Abhas Kumar Ganguly aka the LEGEND- Kishore kumar died on13th October 1987.

This overwhelming singer is said to be paranoid about not being paid. During recordings, he would begin singing only after his secretary confirmed that the producer had made the payment.

Once, when he discovered that his dues hadn’t been fully paid, he landed up for shooting with make-up on only one side of his face and when the director questioned him about it, he replied-

“Aadha paisa to aadha make-up”

In spite of his “no money, no work” principle, sometimes Kishore Kumar recorded for free even when the producers were willing to pay. On one occasion, Kishore Kumar helped actor-turned-producer Bipin Gupta, by giving him Rs. 20,000 for the film Dal Mein Kala (1964). When the little-known actor Arun Kumar Mukherjee died, Kishore Kumar regularly sent money to his family in Bhagalpur.

He is not history; his songs are still on our playlist even though our music has taken a different route. He lives among us.

Bored? Get your headphones on.

Travelling- lets listen to music.

Music has become an integral part of our lives.

Music has become an integral part of today’s youths’ lives.

We listen to everything from new songs to remakes. The only difference being these legends made songs that had meanings, you never forget those lyrics, even today after listening over a hundred times they touch your heart but ‘the recently played song on our playlist’ ‘our 21st century songs’ are moreover losing its grip, they are dry, meaningless with loud music, which cannot be tolerated for a longer period and the hard truth is that we forget them as another new track releases.

That’s the beauty of old songs.

P.S- Create with your heart and they’ll be remembered for millenniums.

Krttika Shah

Change drives me, very vivacious, beaming and can speak for hours. I believe in lucid writing and simple thinking; high living.

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