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A wedding is the most cherished incident in the life of a person and families take utmost care in making weddings memorable.  Unfortunately, planning a wedding can be a tedious process causing a strain on the kinsfolk involved. Hiring a wedding planner is one of the potential solutions to maintain serenity at weddings.

A wedding planner is one who takes care of organizing all aspects of weddings to the satisfaction of his clients. Being a wedding planner can be lots of fun if one can take to meticulous planning. The job requires only two simple skills in a person – planning and organizing.

Once you decide to become a wedding planner, the primary task to be done is to start looking for clients. To start with, you can look for clients amongst your friends and family. If your first venture is successful, you can draw clients from the visiting families thus expanding your clientele. Communicating with the clients and recognizing their needs is crucial. Each family will have a budget of their own and making plans that encumber the budget is substantive. While meeting with the family, you need to collect all details such as the attendees, the type of food that needs to be catered, the location of the wedding and reception and the kind of decorations expected.

After getting to know the requisites, you need to fix appointments with the caterers, videographers, music bands, beautician etc and convey the wishes of the clients to them. You need to ensure that they would to able to satisfy the requirements to the hilt. You also need to visit the location of the wedding and plan the decorations that would be suitable for that particular location. All through the execution of tasks, you need to ensure that the total amount required does not exceed the budget of the client. This requires meticulous planning and an eye for detail. You must also be able to “raise the ordinary to extraordinary”. Even less expensive items can be made to look sophisticated if you are adept in ornamentation.

The most important factor of weddings, but known to a few, is the documentation involved to legalize the weddings. The marriage license needs to be procured and all documentation formalities need to be completed in order to legalize the marriage. This is also the job of a wedding planner and you need to ensure that the formalities are completed without any hitches.


Planning things prior to the wedding can be considered leisurely compared to the organizing that needs to be done on the actual big day. The execution of our plans is no mean task. If everything goes as planned (which is very rare, let me say), then we can be a bit relaxed and enjoy. But the first few ventures can be really tiring and it requires a steadfast mind and a tenacious attitude to come out victorious. But once you get good contacts and enough experience, planning weddings can actually be lots of fun

The job may seem interesting and gleesome, but people will not venture into it without knowing whats in it for them. Well apart from the big opportunity of getting to know the diversified cultures of people, you can actually earn immense profit. A standard fee may not work out well in this case since the effort that you put in may differ from wedding to wedding. However you can ask for a percentage of the total wedding budget as your fee. You will be amazed at the kind of profit that you can make from just executing your planning and organizing skills.

Out of nearly 195 odd countries in the world, I would say that India is the most unique one. One of the primary reasons for this is the ethnical difference that the country has. But sadly, we are incognizant of the divergent cultures of our own country.

One of the fascinating differences of ethnics can be witnessed at wedding ceremonies of the different states. For example, a Gujarati wedding is completely contrastive to a wedding in any other state. For someone who is interested in getting to know about our cultural diversities, weddings are the simplest and easiest way. Being a wedding planner can not only give you a good turn of profit but can also educate you on the diversities of our country and on a large scale – the diversities of the world. Happy Planning!!

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