BIZ GYAN Tree: – Implement your social entrepreneurship gyan

Jagriti Yatra not only gives its Yatris a chance of interaction with change makers of the society, but also gives them an opportunity to implement their learning in the workshop – BIZ GYAN TREE.

There were sessions from role models Mahendra, from Havyasa and Sheikh Suvo

Jagriti Yatra 2013 arrives at Barpar in Deoria to the beats of dhols and garlands. Deoria was the destination where Yatris had to ideate and come up with a feasible social entrepreneurship. The ideation had to start with certain assumption about a typical Indian village and the group had to come up with two viable business models which could be non-profit or profit-making. Groups were made with the idea of having maximum diversity in any group. Though diverse group poses its own challenges, like cultural differences between the members, lack of understanding of a set of village problems etc, but all this was overcome through communication. Jagriti Yatris had to take care of several aspects about an innovative social idea, primary being its acceptance on general public level. There should be certain level of social and industrial acceptance for any social entrepreneurship idea. BIZ GYAN tree aims on nation building through this

There was a three minute pitching time when groups could pitch their ideas on social entrepreneurship. And Jagriti Yatra 2013 Biz Gyan Workshop saw some very innovative ideas on display. There were ideas like;

Collection drive, pathological lab and pharmacy, telemedicine, medical insurance.

‘Instacane’ – get refreshed, anytime, anywhere.

Parimala’ – solving lack of sustainable income generating opportunities leading to desperation and low standards of living

à®…4′ – red chilli, caronda, nimbu, mango pickles

Organic Manure – ‘Deoria khad’.

Jagger’ JPL Pvt. Ltd., flavored jaggeries.

Manufacturing group: Organizing the dairy industry in rural India

Delicious Deoria’ candy from jaggery.

WHY – everybody’s right to better living. Water andsanitation group made its pitch to supply affordable toilets.

‘Kaam Milega’ – job search portal for rural India.

Madath’ – information portal for rural India. Information and communication technology group shared their idea.

Energy group presented its idea related to zero energy, eco-friendly cool chambers for storing perishable goods and facilitating profitable selling

We hope that India continues to flourish with the enthusiasm of these Youngsters

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