Country Summers, Letters and Her

Country clouds skimming the highland shore.

Treading the skinny sky,

Past the stars of delight, blanketing each

Once; for a while.

And sings a chorus, then

The man with the acoustic flair-

Of his dotted dreams,Of his mermaid mate.


Silently these rest on my paper white.

All I got to do is-

Write write write.

And the breeze takes them,

Past the shadows many, by the tree

Caressing the leaves, growing green by each touch.


They are for you. Truly.

Keep them.


Former Student of Presidency College as well as Presidency University. Sumallya held the Office of Students' Union, Presidency University, for the academic year 2014-15. Interested in poetry, politics and blogging. Motto: Speak Truth to Power.

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