Crackway for GATE 2014

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination conducted by 7 IITs and IISc, which is two headed opportunity for engineering & Science students those who are pursuing final year. GATE score is equal to an eligibility card to pursue master education in top colleges (IISc & IITs) and also for job in relevant streams of public sectors. Each year, one among the group of 7 IITs and IISc get a chance to conduct GATE. It has been declared that GATE 2014 will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur. The crack way for GATE 2014 lies in three stages.

  1.       Structure of GATE 2014.
  2.       Preparation.
  3.       Practice.

Analyzing about GATE 2014: GATE 2014 is different from its history. The question paper has 65 questions as it is for the last years. The main variation is GATE 2014 has become ONLINE in all of its streams of engineering and sciences. The new approach in GATE 2014 is it also has Numerical answer questions. The student is expected to type the answer using the virtual Keypad. A total mark for 65 questions is 100. Out of 65 questions, 30 questions carry 1 mark each and 35 questions carry 2 marks each. For wrong answer, 1/3rd of mark is deducted for 1 mark questions and 2/3rd for 2 mark questions.

In general, Aptitude carries 15% of the total mark and mathematics carries 13% of the total mark. So, 10 questions (5 from 1 mark & 5 from 2 mark) will be asked in aptitude and 8 questions (3 from 1 mark & 5 from 2 mark) will be asked in mathematics. 42 questions bounds to technical.

For papers related to Engineering sciences, Mathematics and Aptitude are the sections which are compulsory and they need to choose 2 another technical subjects which are on their choice.

For papers related to Life Sciences, Chemistry and Aptitude are the sections which are compulsory and they need to choose 2 technical subjects which are on their Choice.

The subject selection for engineering sciences and life sciences are published in IIT Kharagpur website and you can check it in here.

From the analysis, we have got the whole concept of GATE. The next step is preparation.


Preparation: Questions at GATE test the students in 4 areas. Recall, Comprehension, Applications, Analysis and Synthesis.

Recall: This test the technical knowledge of student in formulae, principles and facts.

Comprehension: It is the area where the basic technical knowledge of student is tested.

Applications: The approach of applying theoretical knowledge to practical problems and its practical uses is tested.

Analysis and Synthesis: The questions are asked with the data depicted with pictures, graphs etc… Relevantly, the questions are to be answered.

From today, only five and half months are available for the preparation. From many people who have secured top scores in GATE, this preparation plan is framed. If your gate score is above 60 for 100, then your percentile will be 98.

Preparation Plan:

  1.       Do not try to finish all the topics in this short span. Compare with the past year papers and Concentrate on the 4 to 5 technical subjects (excluding mathematics and aptitude) which have relevantly higher weightage in GATE.
  2.       Put a plan to complete those 4 or 5 technical subjects and mathematics within December 31st 2013. It is possible to complete a subject by allotting 4 to 5 hours a day.
  3.       Know the basics of the concept that you are reading, after reading the particular concept a day, practice problems from Standard Textbooks.
  4.       Before, reading a new concept the next day, just take a glance on the concepts that you have read till yesterday.
  5.       After completing a particular subject, on the next day, review the whole concepts, set time and take a self attempt in answering many questions as you can.

Last but not least…

  1.       Don’t ignore the problem/ question if you have got wrong answers even though you knew the concept. This tells, you have not understood concept completely.

The final step to crack GATE is PRACTICE.

After completing the technical topics and mathematics within 31st December 2013, start practicing from 1stJanuary 2014.


Practice: Daily, take GATE model papers, question papers which are available from internet, set time and practice it. Meanwhile, practice aptitude questions daily during the months of January and February.

Before the day of GATE– Revise the concepts that you have read in these 5 months. Stay cool, be calm and don’t eat some unhygienic food. This makes you worse.

On the day of GATE– Don’t be nervous. Don’t panic if 1st question is not asked from the subjects what you have learned. Select the questions, which are relevant to what you have studied. Take 2 to 3 minutes to solve the question. DO NOT TRY TO ATTEMPT QUESTIONS WITHOUT KNOWING THE CONCEPT. Negative marking plays a major role in GATE.

Final words, if you plan perfectly, execute it with dedication & passion then YOU ARE THE ONE WHOLE WILL ACHIEVE IT.

*You can check out more details regarding application, admit car and examination date in the official site of IIT Kharagpur.

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