Inclusive education in India

I am little bit certain about the fact that the kind of education on which I am going to elucidate upon is mostly, never been heard by anyone.  Normally we do not encounter it in the education system or even if we do, we simply do not pay enough heed to it. There is absolutely no anomaly in it because seldom we see people around us with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  you must be thinking that I will indite about the marginalized categories in our society but no, here I will be specifically dealing with those who are disable( physically, mentally or both) their immediate need of education so that it can provide dignity of living and instill confidence in them.

According to the definition of Disability Awareness in Action (2003) “When we refer to inclusive education we mean the participation of disabled children through the provision of fully accessible information, environment and support. This can include the provision of barrier free environment, information in alternate media such as Braille or on tape, acknowledgement of sign as a language and the provision of personal assistant support and interpretation”.

The underlining premise of inclusion is that all children can learn through mainstream schools colleges and universities that can successfully accommodate both pupils with and without SENs. It will help in promoting cooperation and understanding among children with disparity and a sense of appreciation and acceptance in them.

You might be thinking, why not accommodate these students with disability in special or segregated schools. It will not only provide commonness but help in getting facilities according to their individual disability. True, but ultimately they have to integrate in a society, which is tremendously diverse. It would be better if they get the opportunity as early as possible so that they can prepare themselves for a life in the community. Also, the child can have the same range of opportunities, experience and conditions that are typically available to children with non disability.

The attitude of people plays an important role in successful implementation of the inclusive education because if they are insular than it would be very difficult to demolish the stereotypical attitude related to children with special needs. The problem that disabled children face is that sometimes the family disregards him and fails to provide equal opportunities. The family should communicate with his disabled child and become a constant source of love and solidarity. For this, proper training and counseling should be given to these parents so that can know how to rear them up and impart basic surviving skills in them. They can promote positive attitude in their disabled children for school and the need for education.

Community also plays a significant in the development of disabled children; it is their responsibility to bring fairness in education at the local level and enhance wakefulness among society as a whole. For this purpose, Community Based Rehabilitation has been practicing for thousand years. They help in early identification of the disability and provide provision of essential services and training to them.

It is important that children and students with special needs should be realized that they are not liabilities but assets for the country. This way, rather than concentrating on their weaknesses, they can focus on their strengths and get out from the life of obscurity and insecurity. So, instead of becoming sympathetic and feeling pity for them, just help them out in overcoming their miseries, they only need our little support to achieve the best.

Deeti Gupta

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