Do you have a crush on literary characters?

Be it Edward from twilight, be it Mr Darcy from Pride and prejudice, harry potter or Rhett butler from gone with the wind, there will always be the time when we (especially girls) will have a crush on one of these fad characters, And why not? The very imagination of the writers gave face to them. They are what we always wanted- handsome, caring, mysterious, and naughty but still loving. From generation to generation, these characters have served to be the “main crushes”. They are time immemorial, they had seen, experienced many a things, they are not always right, they are not Mr Perfect but still they became favorites of many a hearts.

Ask a 16 year old or 25 years old, what do they really want in their guy? The answer will be describing one of these characters.

The saga of love, betrayal, mystery and romance has always made us more and more curious. We live with them, we love them and eventually they are like a living embodiment.

Go to a book shop, pick one that you really wanted to and in some time, you will fell in love with one of the characters. This is the magic of creative writing. It’s like they give us chance to relive our life, to move into a different dimension.

Click on Google, there are many fan sites just to admire these characters.  What made them this successful? Why we love them?

The reply to this is very simple-because they resemble real people. When authors make a character, they picture some basic character sketch about that person. Would she be talkative, or silent? Would he be a sportsman or a guy next door? Whenever we encounter a person, he can be the subject of a new character in someone’s novel.

Someone truly said, “Words are like magic”.

It would be truly correct to say authors using their pen had given life to these names, which can be found in our cabinet, a book shelf, even in the travelling bags. May be they will reside somewhere, but they will always hold place in our heart.


well, i am a confident, always smiling, high spirited girl from Delhi, who love to read novels like anything(can live on it only) and write about things which i love (like novels, techie stuffs et al).

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