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Could you think of a place so clean that it would most certainly put your city to shame? Could you think of a place so diverse that you might get a headcount from at least half a dozen nations in a random roll call? Could you think of a nation which hasn’t seen a change in power from the moment it first tasted it? Yes my dear friends, we are talking about Singapore, or Singapura, as it was then called – the land of the lion.

The above description does not do justice to Singapore not one bit. But we had to start somewhere. Singapore for all its might, is a very small place, smaller than many of the Indian metropolitan areas, but probably better than all of them put together. It revels as a land laying claims to different ethnicities, different races, different castes, different creeds, but there is on common laying belief, a belief of progress, of development, on prosperity. This is the very belief that which has transformed Singapore from a mere opportunistic fishing village to a thriving cosmopolitan city on the world map.

In the lines to come, we shall see a list of things to do, list of places to see and a list of culinary delights to savour. So come join me, as we head off to pay the Merlion a visit.

List of places to see:-
1) The Marina bay area.

Bustling with life all around, there is no better embodiment of the developments Singapore has undergone in over the past half a century. Tall skyscrapers, a winding river, shopping malls that would post most others to disgrace, and a welcoming experience, this is all that you’ll get and more.
Areas of interest:

  • The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
  • Marina Bay Sands Skypark
  • Singapore Flyer
  • River cruise @ Clarke Quay
  • Gardens by the bay
  • Helix Bridge

2) Ecological retreat:-

Singapore, in addition to being a larger than life corporate structure, also takes its duties towards the nature very seriously, It is evidently clear that Singapore wants to change its identity, from being a garden city to being in a city in a garden, quite tough that, but given Singapore’s intellect and planning, i am pretty convinced that it shall soon become a reality. That being said, Singapore still offers nature lovers reasons to come back for more. The zoo, Bird Park and night safari are all reason enough to bring back the most reserved tourist. Not to mention the gardens, parks and riverside walks.

Areas of interest:

  • The Singapore Zoo
  • The Night Safari
  • The Jurong Bird Park
  • The Chinese and Japanese gardens
  • The National Orchid garden

3) For the young at heart:-

Singapore, doesn’t disappoint anyone, and when i say anyone, i mean anyone. And naturally the said anyone comprises of the young at heart and the city throws its arms wide open for them. With all its recreational facilities and night life to offer, Singapore shall surely find a place in the hearts of every teenager and the not so fortunate too. Add to that the island of Sentosa, dubbed as Asia’s playground and you have a winner here!

Areas of interest:

  • Sentosa Island (a plethora of adventures lie in wait)
  • Night life by The Clarke Quay
  • Orchard road (collections from The biggest retail brands known to man)

4) For the culture addicts:-

And lastly, for the culture addicts, who’d like to become one with the locals, absorb their everyday activities, mingle with them, Singapore would certainly quench your thirst. Head off into the heartlands to meet the locals or travel with them on the MRT, what is probably the most efficient transport systems i have ever seen, go grab your filling.

Areas of interest:

  • Little India
  • Chinatown
  • Heartlands of Jurong and Punggol

Other important things to do at Singapore:-

  • Shop where the locals do @ Mustafa shopping mall.
  • Drink their very own coffee, called locally as Kopi.
  • Visit the Dolphins at the Dolphin lagoon @ Sentosa.
  • Travel the MRT.
  • Feast on the chilli crabs at the hawker centres.
  • Shop till you drop at the largest malls in Asia. 

Post Script:

1)  Singapore is a pretty expensive place to go to, so be wise while spending.

2)  Make use of its immaculate public transport system

3)  Drink the water from the taps, its potable.

4)  Make your next big electronic purchase here.

5)  Spend time at the world’s best airport, Changi International.

6)  Try to be respectful of the locals.

7)  Beware, Singapore is a “fine” city, so watch your rules and regulations always.

8)  When in doubt, ask.

9)  Speak in English, most people can reply.

10)Singapore has an erratic climate; it rains without warning, so keep your umbrella handy.

11)Singapore is a photographers’ delight, make the most of it.

That’s it folks! Do drop in your travel experiences after visiting the Merlion. God bless Singapore!

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