Dance your way to Fitness – Beginners Guide

Left leg aage aage…right leg peeche peeche…aaja yara lets start ve..!!

Yes people..This is the new way to start. Start not only to dance but also start your way towards a fit future. Not many people agree to it, but dancing is not only the way to get onto a stage or for fun, but it is a great way to stay fit.

Wilhelm Von Humboldt once said, ‘True enjoyment comes from activity of mind, and exercise of the body; the two ever united.’ Taking this into account, dance is one way to unite the two i.e. the mind and the body. Dancing not only lets you exercise your body and stay fit but also exercises the mind. It relieves all the stress from both the mind and the body. You feel more relaxed and tension…it just washes away.

Dancing, for many has proved to be not only transforming but also magical. It not only turns sadness into joy, but it breathes new life into a tired soul. It is during an aerobics class when you can not only enjoy your way out but also have a fit body and soul. According to a research, physical activity helps you keep your mind and body as healthy as your age is. It is exercise that increases the level of brain chemicals that encourage nerve cells to grow. Dancing, as it requires you to remember dance steps and sequences, it boosts brain power by improving memory skills. According to a study published in New England Journal of Medicine in 2003, it is due to ballroom dancing at least twice a week that people are less likely to develop dementia and also people with Alzheimer’s disease tend to remember things when they dance to music they used to know.

Whether its ballroom or barn dancing, disco or Morris dancing, dance helps people of all ages and physical abilities to get and stay in shape. A 150 pound adult can burn 150 calories doing 30 minutes of social dancing. The benefits of dancing include:
Improved condition of your heart and lungs
Increased muscular strength
Increased aerobic fitness
Weight management
Increased physical confidence
Build confidence
Reduce stress and tension
Improved mental functioning
Ward off illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression

According to Marian Simpson, a retired dance instructor, ‘Dance is a great activity for people age 50 and older because you can vary the level of physical exertion so easily.’ The more energy you put into dance, the more vigorous your workout will be. As there are some dance forms more rigorous than others, one should always start with the beginners dance. And if you are not sure as to what type of dance you like, you might actually want to experiment.
Dance is something that will not only let you enjoy, but it also lets you maintain your level of balance and coordination. It makes you aware of your body and strengthens your bones. It manages weight and maintains the cardiovascular fitness. It is during dance that all the different muscles in the body are used. This helps to tone and strengthen your muscles without hurting your joints. For example, belly dancing helps prevent lower back problems; ballroom dancing helps keep the heart in shape; and salsa dancing helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. All forms of dance however are known to lower your risk of heart disease, help with weight loss, and strengthen the bones and muscles in your legs and hips.

It is not dancing but staying fit which should matter the most to a person. With or without dancing, people should take care of their body to the utmost because it is the body that we live in. Health is the thing that makes you feel that this is the best time of the year. It is not about weight but about fitness because fat is not very efficient but muscle is. So guys…15 minutes a day..give only that to yourself daily and you will become a whole new yourself. John F. Kennedy once said, ‘Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and intellectual creative ability.’ So people..Keep Calm and Stay Fit..!



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