Veg for Fitness

For any youngster, one of the biggest concerns is fitness. But is gym the only option of staying fit? Even if we go to gym, what else we can do to stay fit?

These are some very fundamental questions that keep bothering us all the time. The substantial part of the answers lies in our diet, i.e., the food we eat throughout the day. It is said that abs are made in the kitchen. So, a lot of our fitness profile depends on what goes into our diet and what does not. In this regard, vegetarian food can be of great help. According to leading nutritionist and fitness gurus, vegetarian food can help you to reduce your weight and stay in shape.

Again vegetarians have been clubbed into three broad categories according to their diet.  Pure Vegetarians/vegan: Only vegetables and fruits with no milk, egg, fish or meat; lacto-vegetarian: vegetables, fruit and milk with no egg, fish or meat; ovo-lacto-vegetarian: Vegetables, fruit, egg and milk and only fish and meat kept out.

In whatever category you fall or you choose, there are certain things that will be common. Most of the vegetarian foods are fat-less. Even if you drink milk, there is cholesterol free, diet milk available which does not have much fat. Curds are very helpful for fat reduction as well as for the health of the skin. If you eat eggs, make sure you do not eat the yolk or the yellow portion.

Vegetables and fruits are full of fiber which helps you in digestion.  Diets rich in water-based and plant foods are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins-ideal for healthier skin every season. Even the blood pressure can be kept under control as vegetables and fruits are low in fat and sodium.

Some researches have found out that vegetarian diet can prevent type 2 diabetes because fiber helps to mange insulin more efficiently. So if you are a fitness freak and want to stay healthy and slim, then a good (lacto) vegetarian diet can help you stay in shape only with a little change in your eating habit. This is not to suggest that everyone should turn vegetarian, overnight but if you like non-veg food, make sure to have a regular consumption of green vegetables and fresh fruits along with your non-veg items, if you are to stay fit and handsome.



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