‘Don’t F**K with our freedom’

With Laws like the ‘Abortion Law’ coming into play, strong protests in varied forms is the need of the hour. Body shaming, bullying/trolling on the basis of society’s so called beauty standards and the like are creating a hostile environment. Celebrities are coming together to create a social change and fight against such laws.

Miley Cyrus has always voiced her opinions. This pop star has been making music that screams change and her creativity is one which indeed leaves us speechless. From fighting for the rights of the LGBTQIA to helping the homeless and also fighting against unjust laws, this artist is making a change for a better world. Her recent music video for ‘Mother’s Daughter’ is worthy of all the praise.

Here’s why the video is so powerful-

The messages

‘Every woman is a riot, you are fucking beautiful, sin is in your eyes, not an object and virginity is a social construct’, scream feminism. She puts forth these statements conveying that women deserve freedom and no one can hold them back.

The lyrics

The lyrics of this song are so badass and empowering. Cyrus has time and again wowed us with her creative skills and this time also she has managed to put out something that makes a difference. The lyrics make a perfect feminist anthem. This was what we needed Miley. We needed to know that we can feel comfortable as we are and also no one can mess with our freedom.

The visuals

This video is full of such powerful and meaningful visuals. Mother’s Daughter is packed with activists that speak for themselves. From body acceptance to making a place for the queer community, the activists laid out their messages in this video.

Mother’s Daughter is much more than a song. It is a wind screaming for freedom for women. It is a celebration of women urging that they don’t need to change themselves and telling them that they have the power. It is an attempt to normalise breastfeeding and throws light on free the nipple movement. It is a celebration of a woman’s period and a stand against toxic beauty standards. Lastly to all the women out there, ‘You got the power’!

Raghavi Jhanjee

Writing found me and has never left since. I love to meet new people and also solve the different problems that people have. Adore dogs. I am free-spirited, fun loving and straightforward as a person.