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Book Review: Young Turks
Author: Krishan Partap Singh
This story is about 3 friends- Azim Khan, Karan Nehru and Raj Mehra; three people differing in just about everything to do with life, everything! And yet, somehow, they become friends – a friendship which turns out to be a defining one for India in the fullness of time. The staid, hardworking idealist Azim Khan, the incorrigible & rambunctiously exuberantly aggressive Karan Nehru, and the balanced & smart go-getter Raj Mehra grow up into 3 men, and get into 3 careers as different as their natures. One a financial wizard and business king, one a decorated Army Officer, and one a high-flying international journalist of considerable repute and formidable skills in political analysis and news .

Strange are the ways of the world;  the moods of fate. Who would have thought that these 3 gentlemen would get into careers that intersect? Finance, Psephology and Armed Forces… and yet, that is precisely what happens,. One gets affected by rioting; one gets affected by homesickness, and one gets affected by a war wound… leading to their career paths intersecting in the due fullness of time. Young Turks is about the evolution of these 3 interesting, absorbing, and fascinating characters’ development into seasoned Indian movers and shakers in the political arena. One gets an elevator, one decides to do it the hard way – with decency and unity as planks, while the third – Raj – gets back home, where he feels he belongs, and gets into Indian Media. A defining intersection, this – for it paves the way for many an eventful happening in their lives, propelling them, and India,periods of meteoric rise as well as despair, as they rise in fame in the political world. India will never be the same again.

Most of all, it tells a riveting tale of building a new India, a new, aggressive, shining and united India from where we are today – not by fighting the system; but by trying to change it in incremental steps from within…

Shreedeep Gawde

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