.East Or West ??

Reading an article about the ongoing and upcoming fashion weeks, I chanced upon the changing trends around the world. We Indians have an interesting habit of criticizing our own things and blindly praising everything that comes from the west. Be it the food, dressing style, way of living or culture. People don’t want to eat Golgappe or chaat on the roadside but are instantly ready to shell out money on packaged golgappas in restaurants (Waterballs as they are mentioned in the menus, funny enough, atleast for me). Many of you must be thinking that we still eat by the roadside, but believe me, it makes me laugh out loud when i see people doing all this. Such people eat at expensive chinese restaurants, shop in big air conditioned malls, irk at the name of street markets and have a huge list of complaints against travelling by public transports.

Coming to the changing fashion trends across the globe, people all across the world today are acknowledging Indian culture, food, spirituality, fashion and diversity. They are accepting our traditions and views with open arms and warm hearts. At last month’s Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013, Italian fashion giant Etro introduced ensembles that were similar to our nine yard wonders. Similarly, at the New York Fashion Week Spring 2013, red carpet designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig’s collection was also India-centric. It showcased draped, sari inspired gowns in rich brocades. At a time when Indian women are running after western attire so much that they have forgotten the beauty, dignity and elegance of Indian saris; the west is giving them a new place and importance in their collections. Even in Louis Vuitton’s Autumn Collection, designer Marc Jacobs wowed the world with his three pieces suits ( for ladies ofcourse !). Interestingly, this ensemble was modified by Delhi based master couturier JJ Valaya for the Indian Bridal Wear.

The main point of writing all this down is not to update the viewers’ knowledge about the fashion trends but to force all those fashion driven girls to think about what our Indian fashion has to offer. The scenario becomes all the more sad when I see most of my friends cribbing about suits and choosing to wear western dresses even at festivals and weddings. I am not trying to bring down the western fashion or crib about the jeans clad generation. Its the decreasing respect for the Indian attire that caught my attention this morning.

Swati Sharma

A graduate with an avid interest in movies, reading and interacting with people.

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