That Moment of Gold

They say “Life is short. Live every moment to the fullest.” But we all have our moments of ecstasy and sorrow. These transient moments, patches of hue along with the blacks and whites in the memory, fill the album named Life.

A moment may be short lived, may bear the time of your convocation, may remind you of your first job or might even behold that enchanting smile of your beloved. But regardless its span and content, it finds a perpetual shrine in your memory. That sacred place which you visit in the, most dreary of times and yet find the solace, the serenity and the euphoria that you sought.

Such is the power of a moment. A moment described by you as the best moment.

And it was during such a moment, when I experienced what I would describe as my best moment in the doom’s year:

Moments of success and joy make up the most cherished memories of men and women of all places. But how much of it is really worth if it withers away unacknowledged.

From the month of October, my life turned over a new leaf and trod the path of success. It was in this month that I took writing again after a long pause. And mystically for every occasion that required me to touch a pen and paper witnessed positive outcomes. Not only did I work for the firms as an intern, but earned their respect with my work. Soon enough, with a little experience, incentives paved my path in the form of stipend.

There was nothing more a boy of my age could wish for.

People gathered around with adrenaline gush, patted on the back, got bored and moved on, as happens usually. But I needed none of that. My reasons were clear and firm, my intent sturdy, for a cause. Contemporarily, writing had the status of a habit in my life now. But in the all these moments of success and glory, there was one yet to come, the greatest by far.

In the last month of the doom’s year, while writing a magazine article, my father’s friends dropped by the house. Upon noticing me, they curiously asked what I was up to. At that instant, my father’s words cut through mine. With a smile on his face, pride in his eyes, escaped the golden words from his lips “My son is now a writer and doing well by himself, he even earns!”

And time simply stopped ticking in my world. In a moment, my life was a splendid amalgam of the brightest colours, in a moment, seeped in a sense of achievement and self-accomplishment. His words swirled in my mind and played the strings of my heart. It was a moment that I wished to live forever and ever, a moment that was certainly the best one in the year and maybe even in the years to come. In that special moment, I had only a few words for my father repeating in my head “Thank you father, for making my life a worthy one.”

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