The Edge of glory

She has received ‘applause’ since the day she started singing, ‘Fame’ has chased her all the way through her journey, she often leaves the ‘paparazzi’ dazzled and baffle by her ‘bad romance’ and ‘fashion’. She followed the mantra ‘ Do what you want to your body’ too seriously still took the world by storm. Just when we start thinking we know this lady she manages to amaze and shock us by proving us wrong but she always leaves us ‘starstruck’ and ‘speechless’. Although the world has given us Madonna and Michael Jackson yet Lady Gaga is a legendary pop artist in her own right.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is the original name of this pop star. There is hardly any ancillary field of creativity which has been left unexplored by this artist. She is a songwriter, dancer , musician , actor also a LGBT activist. Her versatility has reached its zenith but something tells me there is still more to come. Almost everything that goes into making her albums is managed and decided by Gaga and that is what primarily sets her aside from her contemporary singers. She is unpredictable with her choices. Sometimes her songs are brimming with symbolism like Judas, Alejandro and do what you want with your body (which is purported to be symbolic of Illuminati) and sometimes she comes up with something plain and contrary to what might be expected out of our deep and insightful Gaga. Sometimes soulful tracks like speechless (which contain her fears of her father’s death) . Lady gaga has been controversy’s child in true sense of the word. She has given performances in blood, sparked rumors of her being a  hermaphrodite and has portrayed herself unabashedly in an androgynous manner but none of this has taken away from her fans (whom she lovingly calls monsters), the intensity delivered by her songs and her mark as  a true artist.

While many singers and artists are busy making headlines about their beauty and affairs, Lady Gaga is living the life of true legend by delivering potential works every year. After being subjected to many insults by Madonna , Christina Anguilera etc all those who have taken constant digs at her have been silenced by her ascendancy . While many like them will perish in bylines she will be known by the name of trends because baby she was born this way .

Anubha Gautam

Student of English honors in Delhi University.I love to write , dance and acquaint myself with new trends.

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