I’ll Wait For You

The clothes I wear are tattered.

My life is like this barbarous wind passing by

I often perturb about this obscure night

For me, there is darkness everywhere

My hair tells my story

I am shabby, dirty

I feel abandoned

Like sand, I am gritty

I can see myself on this floor

Into pieces

Nobody’s mine, I am nobody’s

Thou not sympathise

Thou not compromise

I’ll remain here until you return

This surface is jagged, cragged

My cries are hushed

I only feel some water on my face

I don’t have teeth, I can’t bite

My stomach throbs of hunger

There are incessant spasms

A pang of grief surrounds me

I am lifeless, yet living

I am a little gloomy boy, abjured, disowned

I will wait, for you to come back

And scrutinise, notice me!

Thou not sympathise

Thou not compromise

I’ll remain here, until you return .

Pallavi Prabhakar

Sweet, simple and mysterious is who i am ! I love the beautiful world I live in, and the beautiful me ! :)

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