feathered cuties for sale!

It’s fun time!! Or I shall say its owl time? Yes, you got me right. We are in an era influenced by animals. This is renaissance, where pets are no longer considered pets, but have reached our wardrobes as prints or inspiration for accessories.

Owls have been a trend recently where it be earrings, or handbags, or even t-shirt prints. It’s really fascinating to discover these nocturnal birds hitting the hot list of fashion products these days. Owl, being considered a symbol of goddess of wisdom, is also considered the king of night and is closely associated with magical mystery.

Today, owl is a source of artistic inspiration, as it triggers wide range of emotions. The impulsive onset of owl enthused originality can be easily seen around in markets. No doubt, it provides a “dude” kind of aura!!

So owls become an outstanding section within the fashion world which radiate an effortless magnetic charisma that can’t be ignored by the female species. Hence, completely hypnotising all and sundry!

Some associates it with Harry Potter while other gains the craze for vampires by these up-to-the-minute owl fashion accessories. No wonder, owl influence has acted contagiously past few months, from its being on chains to bags, rings to even nail art. Everything and anything has this nocturnal flu onto it.


But now the question arises, where the idea originated from? Did any apple fell off from the tree or someone got a dream solution? Nothing as such!! Like always, it comes from west!It’s no secret that the popularity of owls in fashion, clothing has exploded from aping Hollywood designs. The cute owl based creations have taken our hearts away. The feathers cuties got their grace raised after they were worn by celebrities.

Owl has proven the flagship of the smart and the trendy, and its wise usage on fashion accessories makes a powerful statement of both comfort and class. Indeed, the prints and accessories are to its usage and highly in fashion today.

So what are you waiting for shopaholics, go rush and grab few more owls in your pockets now..

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