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There were days when we were young and dressing up and looking pretty was a woman’s domain. Every time we went out, the women took hours to dress up and get ready while the men were expected to just put on anything and be alright with it. But the times have changed rapidly, Men’s section is gaining space in designer stores and men’s grooming products have made a place in the market now.
The new age urban man also called the ‘metrosexual’ man is just as fashion conscious as his counterpart. So we bring to you a list of top five things which have been gaining popularity and are evergreen in men’s wardrobe essentials.

Prints and Patterns
Prints and patterns on men’s clothes were probably seen as obnoxious until last season and monochrome largely dominated the menswear but patterns and print are fast gaining popularity in shirts and T-shirts. However, as trendy as it may be and it makes you look cool it is tricky to pick a correct pattern. If you’re new to picking up trends and don’t have the confidence to carry off everything, it might get tricky to choose an appropriate pattern. Not until you’ve experimented a bit or are more familiar with your own personal style and what suits you, this particular addition to the way you dress may turn out badly for you. However if you are certain about your style and the kind of clothes you can carry off, patterns can be like a fresh breeze of the new and fun.

Jackets and Blazers
Jackets and Blazers have been always in vogue ever since I remember. Be it trench coats or cropped jackets or Denim jackets or leather ones or Double breasted jackets or the good old blazers. A jacket/Coat/Blazer can add volumes to a man’s personality.
A denim of leather jacket brings out the rugged, bad-ass man in you while the Blazers and Double-breasted jackets add largely to the classic look of a man. Patterned jackets and POP art paint a picture full of jovial color, clashing patterns, and whimsical designs. By using patterns that are different hues of the same colour, it can create a very subtle look while still showing that you have a daring side. With the winters approaching, trench coats and woolen jackets will be back in vogue and nothing beats Big boots and Trench coats when it come to either men or women.

Ties & Cuff-links

There are some treasures in Men’s fashion like neck ties and cuff-links which are the best thins that have ever happened. Nothing is classier than an attractive tie and equally attractive cuff-links, in a crisp, classy suit. The men who love the old fashioned suits, formal shirts and leather shoes, will know the place a neck tie holds in our attire. A suit is always incomplete without it.
A good collection of silk ties might be a little heavy on your pocket but it is always a good idea to buy a tie. Cuff-links again are losing their sheen because people are losing their suits. However, the fashion conscious man would never underestimate the power of subtle cuff-links.

Messenger Bags

Lets make one thing clear, bag packs are for boys and messenger bags are for men. You are skeptical about having a messenger bag, don’t worry, one can barely go wrong with them. While a messenger bag makes you stand out in a crowd of people carrying bag packs, it is so versatile that it can carry anything and not look out of place. Messenger bags define “hip” by being nearly an anti-fashion statement. They look casual and trendy all at once. And, like a denim jacket or a concert t-shirt, they can actually become even cooler the older and more beat up they become. Messenger bags are soon becoming a rage with the metrosexual man. They are available in a large variety and in different materials. It depends entirely upon you if you wish to carry a hippy jhola or a leather bag or a canvas one. all of them are uber cool and the latter two can go with any attire.


It is a myth that only women love their shoes. Men absolutely adore their shoes too and take great care that the shoes look as good as new. From the oxford pattern leather shoes to loafers, men these days are spending more on shoes than women. Every man has at least two pairs for office, one casual and one pair of sports shoes for gym. When a whole day has to be spent ‘up on your feet’ it is important that the shoes should be comfortable so the feet do not kill you by the end of the day. Men these days are willing to shed more and more for a pair of comfortable and trendy shoes. Also, shoes beat floaters and slip-ons any day.
These days with high ankled trousers and shorts gaining trend, the shoes are being worn without socks which looks very fashionable. But one with too much body hair should refrain from them for hay can turn other way round and may look obnoxious.

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