God’s Own, Goa

Goa known as ‘Tourist paradise’, a name most befitting, is a costal state treading the waters on the West of the Indian subcontinent. The cuisine, culture, heritage and architecture of Goa is a confluence of the Indian and Portuguese ways of life and this makes Goa stand apart from the other tourist destinations in India and presents a very distinct experience to tourists from all across the world and India, alike.

Goa is home to some of the best beaches in India. Goa is bisected into North Goa and South Goa which are poles apart. North Goa is the more commercial, busier half with beautiful yet crowded beaches lined with shacks that provide brilliant Goan chow to intake while inhaling the refreshing brine air. Calangute and Baga beaches are the most famous beaches in North Goa and they are basically extensions of each other. On the other hand  South Goan beaches are more picturesque and tranquil and the best choice if you want to lie on the sands, relax and consign to oblivion the rest of the world. Palm-fringed with white sands and clear blue water, these beaches are the most scenic locations to get your picture clicked. Colva and Varca beaches are the most noted beaches in South Goa. South Goa, also has a lot of high-end resorts that boast of breathtaking private beaches.

Apart from beaches Goa also houses massive churches that stand testimony to the architectural splendor of the Portuguese under the Portuguese rule. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, near the Goan capital-Panaji, is the biggest Catholic church in Goa and one of the biggest attractions of Goa. It is one of the most eminent landmarks in the Christian religion and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The church has splendid interiors, awe inspiring relics and paintings out of which the painting of St. Francis Xavier is the most noteworthy.

The Dudhsagar Falls in Goa is one of the most beautiful falls in India. As the name suggests, the water surges down in such speed from a majestic height forming froth that gives it a milky visual texture. The falls overlooks  a crescent shaped valley that contains in it a rich tropical forest inhabited by exquisite flora and fauna. Although the path to the falls is perilous and undertaken only with experts with huge jeeps, people still throng to the falls in large numbers because of the stunning, spine tingling view that the arduous trip has to offer in its conclusion.

Spice Plantations in Goa offer you an opportunity to assume the role of a trailblazer, hiking through plantations with a guide enlightening you on the varied spices. The tour includes a traditional Goan delicacy buffet with a complimentary glass of Fenny which is Goa’s most popular alcoholic drink.

The streets and shores of North Goa in the night bear the outlook of a mini-Las Vegas with ‘casino cruises’ docked all along the sea line, ready to transport you to a night brimming with entertainment, excitement,greed and possibly jackpots too. But in the case that you are below 21 years of age, alas, you can sign up for only the dinner part of the cruise.

Whilst you are there you might as well go on a gourmet tour to relish the epicurean Goan cuisine as it is one of the most distinctive and scrumptious cuisines. The Goan cuisine is influenced to an extent by the Portuguese cuisine. Goan people always like to have a good time. So your edible treat will most probably be accompanied with a treat for your ears and eyes as well, as authentic Goan diners always have fun music nights.

So if you are being driven to your wit’s end by a stressful life, plan a getaway to the ‘Orient of the Pearl’.

You can have the time of your life and yet be in an extremely peaceful milieu. And how that is possible? Be in Goa and when in Goa, be a Goan.


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