Gone are the times when television only broadcasted soaps, movies and other entertainments. Satyameva Jayate indeed is an amazing initiative by the Bollywood star Amir Khan along with star network and Doordarshan’s  DD. This show which was premiered in 2012, with Amir Khan’s first television debut, mainly focuses on happening social evils such as rapes, female trafficking, abduction, medical malpractices, dowry, etc.  More like a talk show, this programme invited people to come forth with the problems that they face every day in the society. Within the first few shows, the programme gained widespread positive feedbacks from the public. The critics too appreciated the concept that seemed to be effective and an eye opener to the society.

The show that is telecasted every weekend in the star channel has become a huge hit among the common. It intersperses with the contemporary situation where we encounter various kinds of social problems. It brings awareness about the common issues that deteriorate the quality of the society, among the citizens. An all new show with duration of one and half hours has swept through every issue that the common people consider as nightmare. The highlight being that this show gives utmost importance to the public people, who are given full independence to let their notions out.

At the end of the show a voting line opens to support for the cause of the day. Importantly, the usual “director’s make-up” and editing is absent which proves the transparency of the show. The victims pose themselves to the public and vent out their feelings about the problem they met with. The team makes sure that the details of those people are kept confidential at its maximum.

Satyamev Jayate has put forth, brilliantly, issues such as “fighting rape”, “the condition of Indian Police”, etc. which kindled so many young citizens’ spirits. This gives the public the courage to come out with the issue and not get scared anymore. All the malpractices are put under limelight and questioned, which of course is needed for a “so-called democratic country” like India. It is a very brave idea which is supported and appreciated by everyone. Yet, it is shameful to have an external source that points out our immoral behaviour. Media is not anymore only entertainment and time waste but is also about awareness and common well-being. Kudos to the team which has put a lot of persuasion and patience to come up with such a marvellous gumption. An enthusiastic punch. An energetic break through.

Looking forward for a refined, revived India.

Satyamev Jayate!

Poornima Balasubramanian

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