Gagging on Gaga

The female Willy Wonka of our generation, Stefani
Joanne Angelina Germanott, popular as Lady Gaga is an effervescent
performer. The prominently bizarre sets of her songs, the poofed-up and
parting-out, whacko hairstyles with each video, the color tornado on her
nails extending to quadruple the length, and flashy, outstanding
patterns on her clothes with miles of fabric flowing out, all scream

eyes may be masked with the thickest width of a peculiar eye-liner but
her stark stare never swerves from the camera. Even the lucky soul who
gets to partner her isn’t able to seize as much attention as he thinks.
She acrobats the floor dancing each unbending move with paramount poise
and having on heels that can match up to a basketball player.

music is loud in every sense. Screaming out the name of her lover-so or
screaming in pain of parting from him, both thump the listeners with
decibels that make them squint their eyes and blink a time less.

song is cruder with each release, though her performance shrewdly sets
crude and vulgar a good line apart. No shy and introverted songs with
ever so slow eye contact and soft blushes or done-to-death love
& hate songs. These are thunderous releases with a message that
screams out to the listeners and yet she exhibits a wildly fascinating
femininity with each single, more sexist in a way. A domineering figure,
lady Gaga makes a brash statement across the screens. She trails no
passe or cliche and spanks the new.

And how she manages to rhyme “Gaga” with almost all her songs is quite a smash in itself!



Jasleen Kaur

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