Galaxy S5 : Nailed totally

Samsung Galaxy S5

The 2014 Mobile world congress has witnessed history with the release of most awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 which is the fifth, costliest and the best phone in the series of the Galaxy S line. The phone set a benchmark in the fitness industry, (yeah fitness industry, you read it right) with the heart rate sensor being cleverly integrated with the camera LED flash. With the enhanced S health 3.0 suite, GS5 offers a range of exquisite tools helping the consumers to stay fit and be awesome. The health package includes a wide variety of tools ranging from pedometers and diet to weight and exercise records. So this is definitely going to be a tough competition for Apple who was planning to launch a phone post i-phone 5S with a clutch of fitness and wellness apps.

The design of the phone remains the same as its previous version S4, but Samsung added vibrant hues expanding the color palette. Being only a fraction larger than S4, GS5 comes up with a 5.1 inches touch screen and has a 1080p HD AMOLED display. The biggest change in the design is the faux leather back panel and became a laughing stock as the image of the phone went viral and struck a chord among the social network users who compared it to a band-aid.

The best part comes when we learn the fact that GS5 is military IP67 certified and is resistant to dust and water. So you can swim with your phone at a depth of 3ft for as long as half-an hour without worrying about the insurance. The new flagship smartphone has flap to its USB 3.0 port to make the phone resistant.

The phone comes with Android built in, but this time the Touch Wiz which rides over the Android gets a new look with a few tweaks making the look fresh and redefining the look of OS.

The new fingerprint sensor was a necessary addition to the phone following the footsteps of Apple which recently the fingerprint scanner on its phone. A small difference exists as the fingerprint is placed a little above the home button unlike that in iphone where it is integrated into the home button. This feature could be used to unlock the phone and complete PAYPAL transactions adding security to the phone. The finger print scanner is completely secure to use as it provides the users with 3 profiles to register the fingerprint which is only crystallized after swiping across eight times and completely scanning the finger. Also one can still put a backup password in case the fingerprint scanner fails to recognize the user.

Samsung made sure that the flagship phone is fully loaded with upgraded specifications. GS5 features the use of 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset. It comes with a 2800mAh battery which is not a lot in the smartphone industry but Samsung promises a 21 hrs. of talk-time and over 16 days of standby time on a single charge. Samsung says its ultra-power saving mode will double the battery life when running low. Now the phone supports up to 128 GB marking a new boundary in expandable storage. Also, it left people black faced when for the first time it brought in a download booster which gives speeds up to 600-650 Mbps (yes, Mbps) by combining the Wi-Fi and LTE.

The camera is redefined. GS5 sports an improved 16 MP rear camera. This is capable of recording a 4k video at 30 frames per second. The phase detection auto focus used in DSLR cameras has resulted in a thunderbolt timing of auto-focus in just 0.3 seconds. A new feature similar to Google’s photo sphere called virtual tour has been seen in the phone.

The phone is all set to launch on April 11 in over 150 countries. It has good software and hardware upgrades over the previous versions. In the end, it looks like a good choice for people willing to shell out big bucks!


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