The evolution of Edison’s inventions

You’d be surprised to know that many of the things we use today are actually a result of a series of improvisations of an instrument that Edison invented. Edison is the man of revolutionary technology. These instruments have been tweeked by techies and made fit for today’s generations. Here are a list of such instruments.

  • In 1872, electrical printing machines was patented by Edison have now been improvised, after many iterations, to modern day keyboards
  • 135 years go, Edison patented the stencil pen to be used to draft documents has now become the tattoo machine. Anyone who has ever been inked have Edison to thank.
  • Voting machines have got from analog, to electric, to analog again and now they’re digital. It’s been quite an evolution, but where would modern democracy be without Edison’s patent of the vote reader
  • Edison’s phonograph has now become the modern day stereo systems. The phonograph became the record player, which gave way to the cassette player, the 8 track player and the CD player, which, finally, became the ubiquitous digital music players we all know and love.
  • Though Edison did not exactly invent the telephone but he did help pioneer much of the technology that allowed them to take off. Edison used the existing telegraph cables to transmit the electric voice data from one place to another, essentially creating the telephone networks we still use.
  • Modern CFL light bulbs were derived from the traditional light bulb designed by Edison. CFL’s save a lot more energy and last a lot longer than the carbon incandescent bulbs of yesteryears.
  • Edison’s electro magnetic railway engine design is now incorporated into the modern subways and regional trains.
  • In 1881, Edison patented the fruit preserver for removing the air from jars of fruit in order to preserve it. This technology is still used today in the form of vacuum sealers.
  • The modern motion picture ┬ácameras have been derived from Edison’s kinetographic camera. Aside from inventing a way to capture movies, Edison also invented a screen to display them.
  • Edison’s vehicle wheel became the rubber tire
The old school scientists made our world as it is now. Technology is ever growing and we will pave the way for new improvements to happen in the future generations.

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